Planners to hold hearing on renewable energy March 19

If a homeowner builds a 40-foot garage and bolts solar panels to the roof, is that a garage or a stand-alone solar array? And if those panels generate electricity that the power company has to give credit to homeowners, are the homeowners running a business out of their house? Those are some of the questions the Planning and Zoning Commission … read more

Letter: ZBA on wrong side of solar debate

To the Editor: Thursday was decision time for the Zoning Board of Appeals on the appeal by a Canterbury Lane neighbor over placement of ground mounted solar panels on my friends’ property. The board agreed that the only two issues with the permit were the language surrounding the type of structure selected by the zoning enforcement officer and net metering … read more

Solar array dispute: Zoning Board of Appeals reverses permit approval

The controversial solar array off Canterbury Lane had its approval reversed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, but with a path left open for a new valid permit to be sought. The appeals board determined the array had been improperly permitted — it shouldn’t have been approved under regulation governing “outbuildings,” but under one covering “other structures.” Discussion before the … read more

Canterbury Lane solar array case to be discussed Thursday, Feb. 7

The solar array case on Canterbury Lane is headed for a “discussion and possible decision” session of the Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex off Prospect Street by Yanity Gym. The public may attend, but no more testimony or comment will be accepted. The case has been through two public … read more

Editorial: Overcome differences

So many problems — the neighborhood’s, the town’s, the world’s problems — have their roots in differences, and people making too much of them. Racial differences were the principal focus of the civil rights leader whose vision and heart will be celebrated Monday. But race wasn’t Dr. Martin Luther King’s only concern. He was an advocate not only for civil … read more

Solar battle: Selectmen are waiting

The selectmen hope to stay out of the neighborhood battle over solar arrays — for now, at least. After hearing from both sides in the Canterbury Lane dispute, they decided to hold off until the Zoning Board of Appeals — which had heard the battling neighbors two days before — makes its decision. The ZBA extended its public hearing until … read more

Solar arrays trigger heated debate

Solar arrays off Canterbury Lane prompted two hours of heated discussion before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday, Jan. 7. There was no vote, and the public hearing was extended for another session on Jan. 28. Seventeen people spoke, not counting experts. Most were neighbors supporting the complaint of Sanjay Tripathi, who’d petitioned the Zoning Board of Appeals to … read more

Charter ballot questions approved by selectmen

Substantial charter changes, administrative adjustments, clarifications of debated language — nine ballot questions that would enact a wide range of proposals put forward by the Charter Revision Commission were approved Monday, Aug. 13, by the Board of Selectmen. The selectmen’s final approval means the ballot questions will be put before town voters at the November election. Aside from the extensively … read more

Byrnes appointed to fill ZBA alternate seat

The Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously to appoint Democrat Robert Byrnes to fill a three-year alternate seat at its meeting Monday, Dec. 4. “Mr. Byrnes was nominated by the Democratic Town Committee and was the only applicant who appeared for the seat,” said Zoning Board of Appeals paralegal and administrator Kelly Ryan. The Democratic Town Committee endorsed Byrnes in … read more

Election results: Did Trump turn town blue?

Democrats’ high engagement swamped Republicans’ registration advantage. The blue wave that crashed ashore on Election Day last week swept away six Republican incumbents, turned over four town agencies from Republican to Democratic majorities, and left Ridgefield Democrats gaining 17 of 25 board and commission seats on the ballot. Seeing Democrats with higher vote totals in race after race was a … read more

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