Valentine’s Day anniversary: Lowenstines renew wedding vows in Town Hall

Love was in the air in Town Hall this Valentine’s Day — like it was five years ago. Ridgefielders Sara and John Lowenstine celebrated their fifth anniversary by renewing their wedding vows in the lower level conference room with the help of Justice of the Peace Mark Robinson. The Lownestines were married by Patricia Stephenson, a justice of the peace, in Town Hall … read more

Playhouse celebrates Valentine’s Day gala winners

The Valentine’s Day Gala at The Ridgefield Playhouse was a date night to remember, including champagne, tasty desserts, and fantastic live music from Motown legends, The Commodores. Sponsored by Lori and John Berisford—with support from Adam Broderick Salon & Spa, BMW of Ridgefield, and Craig’s Fine Jewelry—the evening began with mingling in the lobby, toasting the evening with prosecco from … read more

Keeler Notes: Roses are Red…Valentine’s Day poetry

“The rose is red, the violet’s blue The honey’s sweet and so are you.” The first recorded association of St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love is by Chaucer in 1380, but it wasn’t until the end of the 18th Century that Valentine’s Day poetry and cards became popular. The lines above from the cliché Valentine’s Day poem were first published … read more

Love is in the air at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo

Amur leopard love at the zoo.

Love is in the air throughout the month of February, including at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. Courtship rituals here, like everywhere in the world, are wildly diverse. A male otter may bite the female’s nose to show he’s interested; swans engage in an elaborate dance, synchronizing their movements. Just like their human counterparts, there are animals that mate for life, like … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Valentine’s Day approaches

I love holidays and, admittedly, go overboard sometimes, so thought I’d check before following my desire to share the happiness. Is it okay to give my new (male) boss (I’m female) a Valentine?   Probably it isn’t okay to do this. Valentine’s Day has a sentimental component to it, so even if you find a humorous “boss” card, it still … read more

Conscious Cook: Falling in love with chocolate

Love is in the air and with Valentine’s Day approaching, chocolate is the premier ingredient for February.  Dark chocolate, particularly, will provide lovers with a sensuous and satisfying taste sensation that offers many health benefits. Dark chocolate contains Phenylethylamine (PEA), which is a chemical that your brain produces when you fall in love. How natural then, to share a bit … read more

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