Route 35 bridge work resumes this week; minor impacts to traffic expected

If this weekend’s power outages and storm cleanup didn’t have Ridgefielders in a sour mood to begin the week, then construction at the Route 35 bridge site should do the trick. The state’s Department of Transportation has notified the town that Baier — the construction company responsible for the repair project by the Fox Hill condominiums — is resuming work Monday, March … read more

State to alternate traffic on Route 35 Friday

Alternating one-way traffic can be expected at the Route 35 bridge repair project by the Fox Hill condominiums Friday, Oct. 13. There will be no alternating traffic at the site for the rest of the week, but there will be minor impacts to traffic. Ryan Wodjenski of the state Department of Transportation notified the town on Monday, Oct. 9. Work … read more

Sign crazy?

How many signs make too many? Stop. Pedestrian crossing ahead. Yield here for pedestrians.  Pedestrian crossing here. Stop ahead. Stop. “People coming out of Mass at St. Mary’s were talking to me: ‘What’s going on there?’ It’s sign pollution,” said Selectman Bob Hebert. On the short block of High Ridge with St. Mary Church on one side and St. Mary … read more

Smooth traffic at bridge

It should be relatively smooth sailing through the Route 35 bridge project Thursday, Sept. 14. The State Department of Transportation’s Ryan Wodjenski has notified town officials that the contractor on the job, Baier Construction, has said it does not anticipate a need for “alternating one-way” traffic through the work zone that day.      

Letter: Main Street has become monster truck rally

To the Editor: One of the most pleasurable experiences that my wife and I discovered when we moved to Ridgefield, was sitting outside on Main Street, enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with residents and enjoying the parade of dogs and children. Sadly over a period of time, the enjoyment has been dimmed, as our version of Main Street … read more

Next Route 7 closure scheduled to take place in October

Huge trucks, snazzy sports cars, moms in kid-filled SUVs — all of Route 7’s traffic was detoured through the center for Ridgefield from Friday to Sunday, and state officials say one more weekend-long closure is expected, probably in October, to complete bridge work in Branchville. Or — sorry — it might be that two more closures are needed. “All planned … read more

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