Charged up about electric cars: Ridgefield drivers discuss EV ownership

“Fun and zippy” to drive, they cost about $1.40 to fill up for the day, and some models accelerate as fast as a twin-turbo BMW sedan. Just don’t be surprised if a quarter of the “gas tank” disappears on a cold night. Meet the latest crop of electric cars — or EVs. “The fact that the town has a charging … read more

Hands Off Our Schools rally draws big crowd to Ridgefield

With the sounds of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take it” echoing through the village, townspeople, town leaders, and legislators led a rally opposing school regionalization on the steps of Ridgefield’s Town Hall Saturday, Feb. 23. Around 200 people stood on the sidewalks of Main Street, many of them holding up signs in the air protesting the proposed change. “Moved … read more

Valentine’s Day anniversary: Lowenstines renew wedding vows in Town Hall

Love was in the air in Town Hall this Valentine’s Day — like it was five years ago. Ridgefielders Sara and John Lowenstine celebrated their fifth anniversary by renewing their wedding vows in the lower level conference room with the help of Justice of the Peace Mark Robinson. The Lownestines were married by Patricia Stephenson, a justice of the peace, in Town Hall … read more

Bright Friday: Tree-lighting ceremony to kick off Ridgefield’s holiday season

“Bright Friday,” the annual tree-lighting ceremony that takes place in front of town hall, marks the beginning of Ridgefield’s holiday season.   The event will take place on the same date (the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 23), at the same time (carolers will begin singing at 6 p.m.) and feature the usual cast of characters (Santa and emcee Ira Joe … read more

Town hall rally planned for Mueller, California victims

Ridgefield Women’s March organizers Aimee Berger-Girvalo and Jessica Mancini are planning a rally in support of Special Counsel Robert Mueller at 5 p.m. today at town hall. The event will also be a vigil for the 12 victims of a mass shooting that took place in California Wednesday, Nov. 7.  Berger-Girvalo said residents should gather in front of town hall. … read more

Town hall work likely to be done in early November

Town hall’s front door will be open again — hopefully, in early November. “It should have been done by mid-October, originally, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said of the construction work. “So, we’re going back and forth with them.” Reconstruction of brickwork and drainage at the front of Ridgefield Town Hall is … read more

Town hall tree removal closes Bailey Avenue Tuesday morning Tree removal crews were out in front of town hall before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to remove a pair of rotting, century-old elm trees. The tree removal process closed down Bailey Agenue at the intersection of Main Street and blocked off parts of the village’s sidewalks. As of 8:40 a.m. Tuesday, one tree was completely removed and its partner … read more

Widow’s walk is rising anew

The “widow’s walk” missing for probably 100 years atop Ridgefield Town Hall is being returned — or, replicated. But don’t look for a bereft figure, staring out to sea, searching the horizon for a homecoming sail. It’s strictly decorative, unreachable from inside the building, so it’s really not a widow’s walk. “It was meant as sort of a crown, you … read more

Town hall’s elms are going — soon

The tall green sentinels that have stood guard on either side of town hall will soon end their decades of silent duty, shading sidewalks and benches, anchoring the wires that suspend the great American flag before the building’s front entrance, adding leaves and green to a corner dominated by pavement and brick. The two big trees will be taken down … read more

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