Letter: Kudos to town for reducing debt

On average, American households have about $15,000 of credit card debt, according to NerdWallet.

To the Editor: Seldom do we read about “government action” and “fiscal responsibility” in the same article. What a pleasant surprise it was, then, to read the recent Press article about the auditor’s fiscal report of our town’s finances. Not only has town debt been reduced from over $140 million to approximately $60 million in a comparatively short time, but … read more

Outstanding debt: Town’s borrowing has declined from $140 million to $60.7 million over last two decades

On average, American households have about $15,000 of credit card debt, according to NerdWallet.

Town debt peaked and has been in decline for more than a decade. Looming capital expenditure needs could change that, although town officials work to limit borrowing and try to time major projects so they don’t balloon the debt. Ridgefield’s outstanding debt has fallen from a peak of about $140 million after borrowing for the $90-million school bundle — renovations … read more

Fire, police, ambulance calls: Study will see where needs are

Where — ideally — should Ridgefield’s fire and police headquarters be? Together, maybe? The brick firehouse on Catoonah Street and police station in a towered Victorian on East Ridge Road are vintage buildings, architecturally at home in Ridgefield center. But they’re getting old, and the town is looking into whether their vital functions should be relocated. “We have two headquarters … read more

Editorial: Borrowing and debt

Amid some difficult decision-making, town officials deserve appreciation for the discipline they have long exercised concerning the town’s capital spending and debt. The town’s debt peaked near $140 million in the early 2000s when school construction borrowing from the $90-million school bundle followed fast upon the $34-million Scotts Ridge project. Debt is now below half that — under $61 million … read more

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