Letter: Tolls: The great con job, part two

To the Editor: When Gov. Weicker and the Democrats passed the state income tax in the early 1990s, politicians assured the citizens that a constitutional spending cap would be implemented so spending would grow at the rate of inflation. Twenty years later state spending has exploded and tax rates have increased. Fast forward to 2019, the decaying state infrastructure and … read more

Letter: Toll scare tactics

To the Editor: In recent letters, Republicans have complained about the installation of toll booths, and that toll-evading drivers will cut through Ridgefield, adding to traffic. First, “toll booths” will not be installed anywhere. There will be no stopping to pay or even slowing down – all will be done via EZ Pass (or a license plate reader.) The idea … read more

Toni Boucher: Tolls more complicated than public is led to believe

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) issued a press release today saying proponents gloss over the details when promoting tolls as the answer to Connecticut’s transportation funding issues “In their zeal to bring tolls to our state, legislators are not talking about the cost to plan for and build tolling gantries. They don’t talk about the fact that the federal government … read more

Democratic View: Tolls

As the state legislature gathers this month to debate the state budget, reinstalling tolls on highways and state routes should be among the long-term options considered. Connecticut has held out for too long against highway tolls. The state roads are among the most heavily traveled in the nation. Yet Connecticut for years has resisted following the lead of states from … read more

CT Pulse: Darien first selectman talks run for lieutenant governor, more

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, CT Pulse welcomes Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson to talk about her run for statewide office. We’re also talking Gov. Dannel Malloy’s electronic tolls proposal. Later in the show, Editorial Cartoonist Doug Smith joins us for Drawing Conclusions. Watch the show below:   CT Pulse focuses on news and politics in Southwestern Connecticut and beyond. It … read more

Sen. Boucher: Tolling press conference shows Democrats with dollar signs in their eyes

Transportation Committee Co-Chair Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) said today’s press conference on electronic tolls showed that Democrats only answer to the state’s problems is to ask for more money. “The Democrats’ press conference started by talking about tolls, but it wasn’t long before they were talking about increasing the gas tax and increasing rail and bus fares,” Sen. Boucher said. … read more

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