Letter: Stop regionalization

To the Editor: Regionalization will lead to the degradation of Connecticut’s integrity. These bills are being touted by politicians as being in the interest of taxpayers by lowering costs through the consolidation of resources in existing school districts; 150 school districts consolidated to 54 regional districts! The public hearing in Hartford on March 1 made it clear that these bills … read more

Letter: In-humane society

To the Editor: How we got here is immaterial. All that matters is that a terrible, destructive, cruel and immoral thing is being done to children by the government elected to represent the values of the United States of America. Regardless of when this policy ends, separating children from their parents is wrong. It is unAmerican; it is inhuman. These … read more

Letter: The change

To the Editor: I think it’s fine that some high school kids want to make their views known on gun control. It’s even okay to believe that you are in the right; what is wrong, is to believe that those who disagree with you are ignorant, or not so nice. I have worked in agriculture for my entire career, and … read more

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