Curtain Call: Take your date to ‘First Date’

Seven Angels Theatre, Waterbury: Wondering where to take your date? Surprise her or him and get tickets to “First Date” at Seven Angels. It’s perfect for those in their 20s and 30s because it reflects that generation. Crisp, clean, and wonderfully young and fresh, this show is meant to bring in the Internet daters, and the Google researchers who check … read more

Curtain Call: Race to New Milford’s production of ‘Race’

Playwright David Mamet wastes no time in throwing the New Milford TheatreWorks audience into the middle of today’s politically correct and racially charged American conflicts. Race is the main issue, but Mamet tosses in sex, gender, social standing, power, illegal immigrants, and wealth into the mix. Charles has already been rejected by the best attorney in town Nicky Greenstein. Jack, … read more

Curtain Call: Shows coming your way

The theater season slows down a bit in the first two months of the year. Because too many shows have been cancelled due to snow in past years, many theaters shy away from January and February productions. Nonetheless, diehard theatergoers will find that there’s still plenty of theater  to keep boredom and cabin fever away. Westport Country Playhouse opens on … read more

Curtain Call: The best Equity theatre of 2017

Since Connecticut is fortunate enough to enjoy great theater on so many different levels, high school, college, community, professional traveling tours and professional Equity productions; this past year has been filled with exceptional performances that thrilled audiences. Our very proximity to New York and Broadway has a trickledown talent effect that many has made most of Connecticut theater really good. … read more

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