Finance board flummoxed: Tea-leaf reading state budget moves

Fiddle, bicker, discuss — the state’s very public political process makes problems for the town. “Hartford is 19 square miles, surrounded by the real world,” said Dick Moccia of Ridgefield’s Board of Finance. Fiscal planning by the town is complicated by the state’s ways: it’s urge to offload costs onto municipalities; the schedule that has legislative sessions ending after town … read more

$148-million budget: Taxes, spending up for comment Monday night

Too much spending? Not enough for schools? With a tax increase projected in the vicinity of 3%, should the town tap into its surplus fund balance to hold taxes down? A $148-million town and school budget proposed for 2019-20 will be up for comment at a public hearing Monday night. And while town officials are anticipating a surplus this year, … read more

Letter: Wilton vs. Ridgefield school budgets, taxes

To the Editor: Both Wilton and Ridgefield have wonderful school systems and high schools that rank in the top 10 within all Connecticut towns. Wilton’s proposed budget increase for next year is only 1.3% while Ridgefield’s increase is 3.43%. The difference is actually huge and the impact extends to the overall viability of our town. In Ridgefield’s case, if this … read more

Senior tax breaks: Selectmen may hike cut-off for deferments

Torn between an urge to help seniors struggling with tax bills and the cost that senior tax breaks put on other property owners, the selectmen are moving toward a consensus that the fairest way to help seniors would be to expand a program that allows people over 65 — with limited incomes — to remain in their homes but defer … read more

Letter: School board is wasting taxpayer money pursuing later start times

Thank you, Mike Mignano, for properly deploring the hysterical continuation of efforts to change school start times. As a parent to three Ridgefield graduates, I am confident they were not impeded by rising at times practiced by humans for millennia. As a taxpayer, I am incensed that the BOE is wasting my money continuing to pursue what has been roundly … read more

Senior tax breaks: Selectmen lean toward means test


With tax breaks for senior citizens already approaching $4 million, the selectmen are moving carefully on the idea of creating more tax credits or deferment programs to reduce the burden on property owners over 65. The selectmen seem to have reached at least a loose consensus in favor of putting a “means test” on any new or expanded senior tax … read more

Sacred Heart poll outlines issues pressing on state residents

A new poll from Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy shows that Connecticut residents continue to be concerned about quality of life in the state, cost of living and taxes, transportation and infrastructure and more. The statewide public policy poll was conducted from mid-July to early August and asked 53 questions of 1,003 state residents. Respondents also commented on … read more

Tax breaks for seniors? Selectmen will review ideas again this fall

Tax breaks for some mean tax hikes for others. That’s a roughly $4-million reality underlying the town’s decision to postpone further discussion of a variety of tax breaks for senior citizens until the fall. The tax breaks were proposed to the Board of Selectmen during the winter’s budget discussion by OWLS president John K. Fisher. Tax breaks for seniors are … read more

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