Recycling Center: Styrofoam accepted — as trash

Although the recycling center is no longer taking Styrofoam as part of their new, single-stream recycling program — WRAP — the staff does accept it, but places it in the trash. “We accept it there as a courtesy, but it’s going into the trash,” said Kevin Nolan, Chief Operating Officer of Winter Bros. Waste Systems of CT. “In the future … read more

Recycling center: No more Styrofoam

Permits are required for using the transfer station and the recycling center, which used to be free, but can no longer support its operating costs since the decline of value of materials.

Consider this a warning notice: Don’t take Styrofoam to the recycling center on South Street — it will be rejected. That’s the reality under the town’s new Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP) that does not accept any kind of Styrofoam. “It’s just really not eco-friendly,” said Housatonic Resource Recovery Authority (HRRA) task force representative Ellen Rossini. “And it’s a nightmare … read more

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