Editorial: Wasted college stress

Kids are stressed out — really stressed out — about getting into college. It’s unnecessary, and unfortunate. “There’s so much pressure put on you to do everything to buff that résumé,” a student interviewing for a Youth Commission seat told the selectmen last week. “… The competition to get into school is really the main pressure.” Parents aren’t the whole … read more

High school students use ‘sticker art’ for stress relief

Ridgefield High School students completed a full-size “sticker art” poster last week to help cope with stress from midterm exams. Students carefully placed more than 7,000 color-coded stickers on a blank poster over the course of two days to reveal the image of a resting tiger. “Every year during exams we do projects to alleviate stress,” said media specialist Donna … read more

Stress and anxiety is topic of program

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg Psy.D. will present a program called 10 Best-Ever Techniques to Manage Anxiety and Depression on Thursday, Oct. 19, at Scotts Ridge Middle School.  Wehrenberg is a coach, therapist, author, trainer, and speaker on topics related to psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, stress management and optimizing anxiety for achievement. This program is part of the Parenting the #Selfie … read more

Prevention Plus: Stress less when school starts

With summer quickly fading and school on the horizon, many kids and families begin to experience stress and anxiety. Here are some tips to make the transition easier, for children, teens and parents. Have a “growth” mindset.  By its very nature, “newness” brings change and, therefore, stress. For parents, there are new schedules, activities, and expenses to manage. For kids, … read more

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