Finance board flummoxed: Tea-leaf reading state budget moves

Fiddle, bicker, discuss — the state’s very public political process makes problems for the town. “Hartford is 19 square miles, surrounded by the real world,” said Dick Moccia of Ridgefield’s Board of Finance. Fiscal planning by the town is complicated by the state’s ways: it’s urge to offload costs onto municipalities; the schedule that has legislative sessions ending after town … read more

Commentary: Your cheat sheet to the governor’s budget


Don’t fret if you haven’t kept up with all the advance news about the budget that Governor Ned is rolling out on Wednesday. I can barely keep it all straight and it’s my job. It does matter. We’re looking at new taxes, tolls, service cuts, new technology, new ways of attracting companies, nanny-state charges, the minimum wage hike, a payroll … read more

Boucher, school board talk budget problems

Connecticut is in serious financial trouble. That was the message state Sen. Toni Boucher (R-26) delivered to the Board of Education at its Jan. 8 meeting. “In 2015 to 2016, Connecticut lost 20,000 more people than it brought in,” she said. Far from just retirees, she said, those are people moving away from the state from every demographic — and … read more

Tri-Board Meeting: town budget uncertainties

With a “dark cloud” possibly looming over the state’s finances, Ridgefield will most likely try to stay under a 2.5% spending cap that was imposed by the state last year. “We’re going to have to come very close to that cap, or underneath it, to hold taxes under 2%,” said Board of Finance Chairman Dave Ulmer at the tri-board’s Thursday, … read more

State budget won’t impact school solar projects

The new state budget’s plan to cut funding for the Connecticut Green Bank shouldn’t affect town plans to put solar panels on the roof of Branchville Elementary School, or Scotts Ridge Middle School and Barlow Mountain Elementary School down the line, said Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment member Dwayne Escola. “The ZREC funding is secure, as in the end … read more

State budget: Ridgefield spared major cuts as deficit looms

As Ridgefielders began putting on Halloween costumes and setting out candy for trick-or-treaters last Tuesday night, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy quietly signed a bipartisan state budget into law, ending a 123-day fiscal stalemate. Asked about what that development meant for the town’s bottom line, First Selectman Rudy Marconi said the town came out of the stalemate relatively unscathed. “Overall we’ve … read more

Reps. Frey and Ferguson vote for budget that restores education funding

State Representatives John Frey (R-111) and Michael Ferguson (R-138) voted to approve a bipartisan budget on Thursday as it passed the House of Representatives with a 126-23 veto-proof margin.  Following the Senate’s passage of the budget bill, it now heads to the desk of Governor Dan Malloy for signing or potential veto. The legislature’s budget was a compromise between House and Senate leadership from … read more

Boucher: Vote means historic shift toward bipartisan cooperation

In a historic vote, fiscally conservative Democrats joined their Republican colleagues to approve a state budget bill that cuts spending and does not increase taxes. This was a much needed victory for our state and its taxpayers. Personally, seeing this shift started by three Democrats in the Senate was incredibly gratifying. My colleagues and I have worked so hard, presenting … read more

A seismic shift? Frey, Boucher back budget and wait for Malloy to sign

A roughly $18 billion-a-year state budget — put together by Republicans in the legislature, and passed with help from moderate Democrats — has the committed backing of Ridgefield’s State Rep. John Frey and State Sen. Toni Boucher. It awaits action by Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy — a veto, or possibly compromise talks with Republicans. “Connecticut just turned a page — … read more

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