Accessory use permits: Amendment sparks debate on solar arrays

The zoning amendment was about the permits and procedures, not a bitterly-contested solar array — unless you listened to the more than 20 people who spoke at the public hearing. What the Planning and Zoning Commission did was amend it regulations to clarify that “accessory structures” — gazebos, pergolas, hot tubs or maybe, oh, renewable energy systems — are indeed … read more

Letter: ZBA on wrong side of solar debate

To the Editor: Thursday was decision time for the Zoning Board of Appeals on the appeal by a Canterbury Lane neighbor over placement of ground mounted solar panels on my friends’ property. The board agreed that the only two issues with the permit were the language surrounding the type of structure selected by the zoning enforcement officer and net metering … read more

Solar array dispute: Zoning Board of Appeals reverses permit approval

The controversial solar array off Canterbury Lane had its approval reversed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, but with a path left open for a new valid permit to be sought. The appeals board determined the array had been improperly permitted — it shouldn’t have been approved under regulation governing “outbuildings,” but under one covering “other structures.” Discussion before the … read more

On Canterbury Lane: Solar energy, neighbors’ views fuel neighborhood battle

What’s customary in Ridgefield yards? Birdbaths? Dog houses? Solar arrays? Does planting trees offer effective long-term screening? Should solar power’s environmental value outweigh solar arrays’ potential change to a neighborhood’s look? These were issues debated as the Canterbury Lane neighborhood dispute had its second public hearing before Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday, Jan. 28. Pleas for battling neighbors to … read more

Editorial: Overcome differences

So many problems — the neighborhood’s, the town’s, the world’s problems — have their roots in differences, and people making too much of them. Racial differences were the principal focus of the civil rights leader whose vision and heart will be celebrated Monday. But race wasn’t Dr. Martin Luther King’s only concern. He was an advocate not only for civil … read more

Solar battle: Selectmen are waiting

The selectmen hope to stay out of the neighborhood battle over solar arrays — for now, at least. After hearing from both sides in the Canterbury Lane dispute, they decided to hold off until the Zoning Board of Appeals — which had heard the battling neighbors two days before — makes its decision. The ZBA extended its public hearing until … read more

Solar arrays trigger heated debate

Solar arrays off Canterbury Lane prompted two hours of heated discussion before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday, Jan. 7. There was no vote, and the public hearing was extended for another session on Jan. 28. Seventeen people spoke, not counting experts. Most were neighbors supporting the complaint of Sanjay Tripathi, who’d petitioned the Zoning Board of Appeals to … read more

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