Ridgebury’s arrow signs may be fewer some day

The numerous arrow signs that appeared in Ridgebury late last year — 17 on the sweeping S-curve of Old Stagecoach Road, and another 26 along winding Ned’s Mountain Road — may be reduced in number. Eventually, town officials hope. “The good news is that we will eventually be able to take signs down,” Police Commission Chairman George Kain said after … read more

Ease restrictions on signs? Zoning commission will take a look

The Planning and Zoning Commission is considering an amendment which would loosen restrictions on temporary signs. The amendment, which was brought forward by the commission and will receive a public hearing on Sept. 19, would remove the current definition of a temporary sign as one that is displayed only for 14 days or fewer. In its place, the definition for … read more

Sign crazy?

How many signs make too many? Stop. Pedestrian crossing ahead. Yield here for pedestrians.  Pedestrian crossing here. Stop ahead. Stop. “People coming out of Mass at St. Mary’s were talking to me: ‘What’s going on there?’ It’s sign pollution,” said Selectman Bob Hebert. On the short block of High Ridge with St. Mary Church on one side and St. Mary … read more

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