Letter: Expansion of sewer district for ‘senior park’ should be denied

To the Editor: In response to developer Marty Handshy’s proposal to expand the sewer district for a “senior park” on Danbury Road (“Condos, sewer expansion sought” Jan. 3 Press), my answer is an emphatic “No.” I oppose any expansion of the sewer district boundaries other than to address health issues created by existing homes with failing septic systems. I’ve lived … read more

Sewer plant project: Costly, but useful

A sewer plant renovation expected to cost tens of millions of dollars will be outlined next week for townspeople — who will eventually have to vote on it, probably in fall of 2018. The project includes upgrading the village area’s District I sewage treatment plant on South Street, and also closing the District II plant that serves the area around … read more

Eureka: Plans, denials, appeals, taxes — no sewers

Eureka, the developer that battled Ridgefield in state and federal courts for more than a decade and a half, has paid about $1 million in taxes to Ridgefield since its last legal motion was dismissed by a judge in 2012. The taxes are just over $250,000 a year on Eureka’s two parcels — $246,927 on 156 acres off Bennetts Farm … read more

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