Letter: Economic propaganda

To the Editor: Republican legislators from Speaker Paul Ryan to state Sen. Toni Boucher adhere to an ideology having little to do with how today’s economy works. They believe that tax cuts on the rich and on big corporations will stimulate economic growth and create jobs. They will not. Corporate executives expect government to fund investment through subsidies. They use … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Fueling the exodus

Study after study confirms what I have been warning for some time. Connecticut is losing its highest earning taxpayers. It is losing jobs by the thousands and now has a negative (-0.6) gross domestic product. This administration’s and its leadership’s solution of continued tax increases won’t fix Connecticut’s budget problems. Instead, they have deepened our deficits as the state loses … read more

Letter: Congressional tax reform scheme hurts Ridgefield

To the Editor: Ridgefield’s Republican state Sen. Toni Boucher and Republican state Rep. John Frey must summon the courage to defend Ridgefield against the proposed Congressional Tax Reform scheme. The Republican Party needs to hear our protesting voices. State income tax, medical expenses, and 100% of our property taxes, are essential tax deductions for many hard working, middle class citizens. … read more

Effects of bullying is theme of Don't Be Silent dinner

An Anti-Bullying Awareness Dinner will be held on Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Ridgefield Recreation Center from 6 to 10 with speakers state Sen. Toni Boucher on anti-bullying legislation and Dr. David Bernstein, forensic psychologist, on the effects of bullying. The dinner is black-tie optional, and will include dinner catered by Gallo Ristorante, dancing from Bach to Rock with a … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Tick, Tick, Tick …

We have entered the second month of the fiscal year without a state budget and the problems this poses continue to expand. Nonprofit agencies that provide social services to the elderly, disabled, and destitute started taking mandatory furlough days leaving their clients without services. Municipalities have lost $30 million in road repair grants and $78 million in revenue-sharing funds. Now, … read more

GOP Viewpoint: What Connecticut taxes need

I recently attended a Chamber of Commerce event where noted economist Don Klepper-Smith said Connecticut state government must make profound structural changes to spending and regulations to avoid a fiscal catastrophe. He presented compelling evidence to support the need for change, including: Connecticut is last among New England states in job recovery and has only recovered 74% of the jobs … read more

Employer of the Year: Prospector Theater channels employees' passion

In front of a computer screen, mouse in hand, Rachel Wise was at work, finishing up a flip-book animation that will be shown to audiences at the Prospector Theater, publicizing an upcoming movie. She draws the cartoons, uploads them to a computer, colors them, and animates them using Premiere Pro software. The videos are a minute or a minute and … read more

State’s spending cap may have a short life

The Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford.

Blamed and bemoaned, the 2.5% municipal spending cap that’s been frustrating town and school officials across the state may be headed for history’s scrap heap of abandoned ideas. Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Tuesday that “mandate relief for cities and towns” would be a centerpiece of the state budget he presents next week, and issued a list of “mandate relief proposals” … read more

Boucher begins education talks in Hartford

State Senate Republican members of the legislature’s Education Committee met for their first meeting of 2017 Monday, Jan. 16. Some of the committee’s responsibility include reviewing all proposed legislation related to the state Department of Education, local and regional school boards, school employee collective bargaining, and libraries. Committee Co-Chairman Sen. Toni Boucher  represents the communities of the 26th Senatorial District, which … read more

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