Letter: School start times change makes it harder for kids and parents

To the Editor: There have been many arguments about whether they should change the Ridgefield Public Schools start times, and I, a student of Scotts Ridge Middle School, think it is unnecessary to do this. Many other students agree with my opinion. The first reason why they shouldn’t change the school start times is it affects activities. Making some schools … read more

School board revives outreach committee

Residents turning up to demand the resignation of the superintendent, students protesting cuts to the high school English department, Scotland Elementary School parents calling for their school principal to be fired, petitions pushing for a vote to rescind later start times — the bi-weekly Board of Education meetings have been a raucous place the past 12 months. Concerned about the … read more

School board backs down on start times (UPDATE)

Ridgefield High School students won’t be setting their alarm clocks an hour later next year. The Board of Education voted Monday, Dec. 10, to throw out a decision it made in October 2017 to implement later start times for the 2019-20 school year. “I think you heard the board saying that at some point this could come back … but … read more

Letter: Commitment to health

To the Editor: I applaud the BoE for committing to healthy start times in 2019-20. Aligning start times with student biology is sound public policy, providing the foundation for learning and growth. When children are well-rested and primed to learn, programming is more effective and ROI improves. Currently, RHS students are unable to take full advantage of curriculum in the … read more

Letter: Common sense not demagoguery

To the Editor: Ridgefield residents who are asking difficult questions of the BOE are not “demagogues.” We are involved, concerned parents and tax-paying citizens. Opposition to SST concerns a lack of cost transparency, viable start and end time scenarios, and a plan that considers the needs of all student populations. In just two weeks, an opposition petition has obtained close … read more

Board to discuss school start times Monday

Later school start times are back on the agenda for the Monday, Dec. 10, Board of Education meeting. Chairwoman Margaret Stamatis said the board will discuss a busing scenario that will return the schools to a three-tier bus system. Under that scenario, five of the elementary schools would start first at 8 a.m. — about 35 minutes later than the … read more

Petition against start times takes aim at potential cost

Parents opposed to the start school later initiative have petitioned to have the plan thrown out, arguing against the potential cost to Ridgefield taxpayers.  As of 3 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26, the petition has gathered 448 signatures.  “As a senior citizen I am begging that you not increase our taxes any more…use the money to improve the education of our … read more

Letter: Are we really still talking about this?

To the Editor: Facts from a “School Start Times” article in both the online version of the Ridgefield Press dated 11/2/18 and the printed version on 11/8/18: Both the 2013 & 2018 board surveys showed parents, students and staff clearly aligned against moving start times. Dr. Miller, who was tapped to head the later start time project by the board, … read more

School start times: Board delays decision, will look at three-tier bus system

The school board might be suffering from start time fatigue after two years of talks. “If we’re not going to do this, then pull the rug out and stop dithering,” said Vice Chairman Doug Silver at the board’s Oct. 22 meeting. Silver was frustrated with the board’s decision to once again delay voting on whether or not Ridgefield wanted to … read more

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