Kolani wins RVNA Spelling Bee

Basil Kolani of Ridgefield Academy won the eighth annual RVNA Spelling Bee in the 16th round with a 10-letter noun of Latin derivation, laureation. Kolani is founding director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Ridgefield Academy. The annual spelling bee included contestants from 15 local organizations and businesses. From “cumulonimbus” and “millennium” to “bradycardia” and “niveous,” the … read more

Winn wins RVNA Spelling Bee

It was a Winn-win at the 7th annual RVNA Spelling Bee when the final word went to Jonathan Winn, founder and co-artistic director of Ridgefield’s Thrown Stone Theatre Company. After a fun-filled evening of orthographic sparring, intense concentration, best guesses, Lifeline rescues, and audience buybacks, Winn emerged victorious. So, what was the last word? Dormition, or “death resembling falling asleep.”  … read more

RVNA spelling bee postponed to March 19

In addition to the pride and laurels that accompany a spelling bee win, the top speller also enjoys a BMW for a weekend of their choice. The question of the moment: Which illustrious 2018 contestant will win this year’s RVNA Spelling Bee? John Apinis, RN, RVNA Chris Augustine, Ridgefield Fire Department Deirdre Basile, Ph.D., Ridgefield Council of PTAs Lyndsay Clark, … read more

RVNA’s seventh annual spelling bee is 'I-M-M-I-N-E-N-T'

What do a Ridgefield High School student, a social media consultant, an orthopedic surgeon, a comedian, and a police officer have in common? No, this isn’t the start of a bad joke. It’s a list of just some of the contestants vying for bragging rights in RVNA’s seventh annual Spelling Bee. The event, scheduled for Wednesday, March 7, at 7 p.m., … read more

Giving Thanks: RVNA spelling bee was a huge success

To the Editor: Thank you to everyone who participated in and attended the sixth annual RVNA Spelling Bee on Wednesday, March 8, at the Ridgefield Playhouse.   The event was a huge success, highly entertaining and suspenseful, and raised significant funds for RVNA’s nursing education programs.   We extend a very special thank-you to our brave (and smart!) contestants: Ellen … read more

Librarian McKinley wins RVNA Spelling Bee

Nearly two hours and hundreds of syllables later, the winner was … the librarian in Round 16 with ‘Elysium.’ Brenda McKinley, new director of the Ridgefield Library, won the 2017 RVNA Spelling Bee with a seven-letter word from classical mythology, E-L-Y-S-I-U-M, capping an evening of laughter, fun and no shortage of intellectual acuity. From “aplomb” and “scrumptiously” to “ague” and … read more

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