Ridgefield road complaints: Is it the weather? Chemicals?

Roads don’t seem to be holding up the way they used to. Blame the weather? Lack of road drainage? The quality of today’s paving products? A public less tolerant of bumps, potholes and the occasional flood? “We’re getting a lot of complaints about our roads,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the Board of Selectmen. “And it’s not just Ridgefield.” “It’s … read more

Letter: Voters want state roads, bridges to improve

The Department of Transportation plans to widen the southbound lane of Route 7 to make turning right onto Route 102 easier. The agency also wants to stop southbound drivers from turning left into Branchville Station through Depot Road. —Steve Coulter photo

To the Editor: It is amusing that some continue to argue that tolls should be called taxes. The voters have spoken. They don’t care about nomenclature. Voters signaled they want Connecticut’s roads and bridges improved, and that they are willing to pay user-fees to support delivery of critical infrastructure improvements and congestion reduction programs. Connecticut is the only state between … read more

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