Winter club sign vandal caught on surveillance camera

More protest signs opposing the Ridgefield Winter Club, a private skating club at 340 Peaceable Street, were vandalized or stolen Thursday, Dec. 1 — but this time a resident believes the act was caught on tape. Ridgefield Police public information officer Major Steve Brown told The Press that a Peaceable Street resident filed a police report shortly after midnight on … read more

Commission questions lighting, sound experts in seventh winter club hearing

Planning and zoning commissioners put the screws to testimony from two experts for the Ridgefield Winter Club Thursday night, Nov. 29, in the seventh and penultimate hearing for a plan to build a private skating club at 340 Peaceable Street. The meeting was taken up almost entirely by responses from experts representing the club, who answered questions raised by the … read more

Residents challenge Ridgefield Winter Club on light, noise, and traffic

Echoing testimony from peer review consultants, Peaceable Street residents badgered representatives for the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club to answer lingering questions regarding light, noise, and traffic from the proposed ice-skating facility at a Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing Tuesday night, Nov. 27.   “We’ve been treated to the fiction that the white ice from the Winter Club is going … read more

Two hearings on Winter Club scheduled this week

The sixth and seventh public hearings for the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club at 340 Peaceable Street will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27, and Thursday, Nov. 29. The controversial application will receive its final and eighth public hearing Wednesday, Dec. 12 — the day before the Planning and Zoning Commission is legally required to close the hearing. The Nov. 29 hearing … read more

Letter: Lights hurt wildlife

To the Editor: According to an article on the International Dark Sky Association’s website, light pollution and artificial light — like the 40-foot towers proposed for the winter “club” — trick nocturnal animals into believing night is day, often with disastrous consequences. It can disrupt countless vital behaviors, including mating, migrating, navigating, reproducing, finding food, sleeping, and self-defense. It can … read more

Winter Club: Experts rebuke wetlands complaints; public criticism continues

Will the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club negatively affect the environment surrounding its location at 340 Peaceable Street? According to a series of experts who testified in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday night, the answer is no across the board — no impact on water and infiltration, no impact on septic or drainage, and no impact on the … read more

Zoners to review Winter Club light pole permit at next hearing

A new special permit application that would allow the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club to build light poles up to 40 feet high to illuminate its outdoor skating rink will receive review from the Planning and Zoning Commission during the club’s fifth public hearing Tuesday, Nov. 13, at East Ridge Middle School. During the fourth public hearing on Oct. 30, 32 … read more

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