Fracking ban heads to hearing Saturday morning, vote Wednesday night

The town’s nearly year-long debate over a ban against “fracking” — hydraulic fracturing — and the reuse of wastes from the fracking process, which is used in oil and gas extraction, will likely come to a conclusion in the next week. A proposed anti-fracking ordinance petitioned for by more than 600 environmentally concerned citizens will go to a public hearing … read more

Fracking ban sparks debate, consensus eludes selectmen

Fracking — the hydraulic fracturing process used to help get hard-to-reach oil and gas out of the ground — and proposals aimed against fracking, and reuse of its wastes and byproducts, seem to have Ridgefield’s Board of Selectmen stymied. At their first meeting in September, the selectmen again delayed action on a proposed ban on use, storage, disposal or transportation … read more

Town seeks draft prohibition against fracking waste

Waste from “fracking” — the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract oil and gas from the ground — may not seem much of a threat in leafy, residential, suburban Ridgefield. But problems from the reuse or possible disposal, storage — and transport — of often-toxic fracking wastes are enough of a concern that the selectmen are following up on local … read more

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