Election 2018 recap: What comes next after the Democrats big wins?

A blue wave swept through Ridgefield for the second straight year last Tuesday night. Democrats won eight of the 10 contested races in the Ridgefield vote, losing only the General Assembly races for the 111th and 138th districts in Connecticut’s House of Representatives. Republican John Frey captured re-election from Democratic challenger Aimee Berger-Girvalo to represent the 111th District. Republican incumbent … read more

Race for 111th: Frey wins re-election (UPDATE)

Updated 11 p.m. ET, Nov. 6 — State Representative John Frey (R-111) has won re-election over Democratic challenger Aimee Berger-Girvalo. The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee conceded the race at 10:53 p.m. Tuesday night, with Berger-Girvalo giving Frey’s camp a congratulatory phone call. Early returns from the town’s four voting districts show Frey with a 5,732 to 5,214 vote lead. The Registrar of Voters … read more

Governor to state representative: Voters will decide on 32 candidates on Election Day

An Election Day avalanche of decision-making awaits voters: 32 candidates seeking 12 offices ranging from U.S. senator and congressman to state representative, state senator, governor and a host of statewide positions — attorney general, secretary of the state, comptroller and treasurer. Three local candidates for judge of probate and registrars of voters are unopposed. Following the candidate choices are 12 … read more

Letter: Local Democrats have used Trump-like tactics in campaign against Frey

To the Editor: As a lifelong Democrat, I’m saddened by the aggressive campaign among some fellow Democrats to frame John Frey as a corrupt Trump-supporting extremist. They employ tactics pulled straight from Trump’s own playbook, such as using old photographs of John before his radical weight-loss, abusing physical appearance as a political tool. I hate to see my party dragged … read more

Letter: Who’s responsible for political bullying?

To the Editor: Oh no, they’re at it again. The GOP Viewpoint in the Ridgefield Press by Richard Moccia again blames the Connecticut Democratic leadership for “excessive spending and taxation foisted on us” and “the disastrous repercussion it would have,” and more so for attacks on our Republican town representatives “by the opposition.”   He ends the column with a … read more

Editorial: Join the aristocracy

Ever have a sad laugh at the expense of those societies where a strongman holds show elections and runs unopposed, or against token hand-picked opposition — and is “elected” with 98% of the vote? Our system is different. We can choose — from the Republican, the Democrat, or a protest vote for a candidate from a smaller party, like the … read more

Primaries Tuesday will set fall races for governor, AG

Five Republicans and two Democrats are competing to be Connecticut’s next governor, and voters in Tuesday’s primaries will narrow the contest down to one from each party. Primary voters will also determine eight other nominees — five Republican, three Democratic — for statewide offices. Two Republicans are seeking to challenge an incumbent Democratic U.S. senator in November, and both parties … read more

Primaries will determine candidates for governor, senator, state offices

Political animals, both Republicans and Democrats, are clawing through contests to determine party candidates for governor and a variety of statewide offices. Party members will be able to have their say by making choices in mid-August primaries. Voting will be Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with simultaneous primaries in the two major parties. There’s a slight … read more

Letter: It’s time to mix it up

To the Editor: Alex Harris’ “Democratic View” in The Ridgefield Press’ May 10 edition needs response, and I’m not a Republican. A less-than-satisfactory Democratic governor served two terms with a Democratic majority; we face financial shambles. More people move out than move in, there’s little manufacturing, even the doctors leave due to high taxes. Legalized gambling hasn‘t done much; legalized … read more

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