Editorial: Join the aristocracy

Ever have a sad laugh at the expense of those societies where a strongman holds show elections and runs unopposed, or against token hand-picked opposition — and is “elected” with 98% of the vote? Our system is different. We can choose — from the Republican, the Democrat, or a protest vote for a candidate from a smaller party, like the … read more

Primaries Tuesday will set fall races for governor, AG

Five Republicans and two Democrats are competing to be Connecticut’s next governor, and voters in Tuesday’s primaries will narrow the contest down to one from each party. Primary voters will also determine eight other nominees — five Republican, three Democratic — for statewide offices. Two Republicans are seeking to challenge an incumbent Democratic U.S. senator in November, and both parties … read more

Primaries will determine candidates for governor, senator, state offices

Political animals, both Republicans and Democrats, are clawing through contests to determine party candidates for governor and a variety of statewide offices. Party members will be able to have their say by making choices in mid-August primaries. Voting will be Tuesday, Aug. 14, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with simultaneous primaries in the two major parties. There’s a slight … read more

Letter: It’s time to mix it up

To the Editor: Alex Harris’ “Democratic View” in The Ridgefield Press’ May 10 edition needs response, and I’m not a Republican. A less-than-satisfactory Democratic governor served two terms with a Democratic majority; we face financial shambles. More people move out than move in, there’s little manufacturing, even the doctors leave due to high taxes. Legalized gambling hasn‘t done much; legalized … read more

Voter registration: Monday is deadline for budget referendum, election primaries

Voter registration deadlines are approaching for two voting events — the annual budget referendum and the primaries for candidates seeking party nominations for state, district and municipal offices. The registration deadline is Monday, May 14, at 4:30 p.m. to vote in the budget referendum. The referendum is planned for Tuesday May 15, with polling from 6 a.m. to  8 p.m. … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Phoenix rising

Okay, let’s get serious about the political hype and put aside the stories of Russian collusion and sexual harassment nonsense the Democrats are hoping will distract people from the hard facts of where our country’s economy is now and where it’s coming from. The one question asked by President Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter (and is … read more

Letter: American vitriol

To the Editor: I agree somewhat with Francis Cakavell that no one should claim to speak for the American people right now. We are a divided people. More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump, but under the Constitution, Trump is president. More people voted collectively for the Democrats currently in Congress than for the Republicans, but millions … read more

Letter: Trump’s verbal sewage diminishes Republican Party

To the Editor: It cannot be left to just Democrats to express outrage and disgust at the President labeling Haiti and Africa “sh..hole countries,” stating a  preference for “people from Norway” and, further, that Nigerians of whom he was speaking would be “returning to their huts.” And these are only the most recent among other racist and xenophobic of his … read more

Democratic View: ‘Enough’ — Part I

This is the first installment of a two-part essay; read the conclusion in the Feb. 1 edition of The Ridgefield Press, or at RidgefieldDems.org.  2018 is a critical opportunity for voters to deliver an important message: “Enough!” to Republican control of Congress … and eventually, the White House.  Last month, President Trump signed into law a tax bill (“TCJA”) that … read more