Reel Dad: Beautiful Boy – Touching yet disconnected

As parents, we try to do our best. Throughout the childhoods we foster, we imagine what could hurt, support what can challenge, and comfort what may disappoint. But we’re not miracle workers, we can’t simply wish for our children’s lives to simplify. Sometimes, all we can do is hope. The haunting Beautiful Boy captures the complexities a family can face … read more

Reel Dad: A wonderful tribute to Mr. Rogers

For generations of children, the gentleness of Fred Rogers offered televised assurance that everything can be fine, everyone should be confident and ever after may always include happy endings. If the world he created each day was simple to experience, the messages he shared were deeply thought out by a man who believed his mission was to make people believe … read more

Reel Dad: The Incredibles 2: Simply incredible

I usually stay away from movies with numerals behind it’s title. Especially the animated variety. While I appreciate why studios create sequels — to capitalize on the popularity of hit movies — too many sequels feel reheated in the cinema kitchen without any new ingredients. But the new edition of The Incredibles titled, no surprise, The Incredibles 2, is simply … read more

Reel Dad: Bening in The Seagull shines but the movie stalls

Some plays should stay in the theater. While Annette Bening delivers yet another award-worthy performance, and Saoirse Ronan continues her delightful career, this film adaptation of Anton Chekov’s classic play lacks the needed visual variety to successfully transition from stage to screen. While the words and characters work in a theatrical setting, the reality of the camera requires a different … read more

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