Conscious Cook: Keeping cool as a cucumber

“Some people change their ways when they see the light, others when they feel the heat.” — Caroline Schroeder When 90 degree temperatures and drenching humidity are invoking plenty of sweat, irritability and heat exhaustion, it’s time to cool the body and mind down with something extra refreshing and hydrating. What could be more invigorating than garden fresh, crisp, crunchy … read more

Food: Caught up with cauliflower

So it seems cauliflower is still the go-to veggie of choice for those of us trying (in my case, pretending) to be healthier. In a previous column I talked a bit about how it’s become trendy to leave carbs in the gutter (farewell my beloved bread) in favor of replacing grains with cauliflower. Not surprisingly, it’s still trendy (so much … read more

Conscious Cook: Singing the praises of strawberries

“Strawberries! Fruit from the heart.” — Anthony T. Hinks I spied a roadside sign today, hand lettered, with two glorious words: Fresh Strawberries! Ahhh, luscious, local strawberries, one of the most fabulous seasonal ingredients ever created, with a spectacular scent and such sublime flavor. A conscious cook’s dream ingredient! Bursting with brightness, strawberries are a low calorie, fiber rich food … read more

Food: The cupcake quest

Every person in this life has a mission or a quest or even an errand they’re trying to complete. My mission began after experiencing a truly awful chocolate cupcake from the grocery store. I had been horrified that someone could not only screw up a cupcake in that way (it tasted like burnt sand) but that they had the audacity … read more

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