The High School Experience: ‘Tragicomedy’ explores all four years

From the start of freshman year through graduation senior year, the high school experience is one marked by both highs and lows — a journey of ups and downs that creates lifelong laughs as much as it does nerve-wracking headaches. Ridgefield High School junior Caroline Malley traces those ebbs and flows in her new play, “The High School Experience: A … read more

The High School Experience to premiere at Playhouse May 21

The Ridgefield Playhouse will host “The High School Experience: A Tragicomedy in One Act,” a comedic play written, directed and produced by Ridgefield High School junior Caroline Malley, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 21. Malley said the goal of her story is to parody the tropes of teenagers and school teachers as they were popularized in the media. For tickets ($10), … read more

Bike lanes get a boost at zoning hearing

Proponents of bike lanes and paths won some support during a listening session for the town’s rewrite of the Plan of Conservation and Development April 2. Arnold Light, chairman of the Economic and Community Development Commission said the town should “encourage alternative transportation solutions, including bicycle lanes and bike sharing.” “Ridgefield is an active, health-conscious community, and this would allow … read more

Feinstein to tickle the ivories at the Playhouse

In a career that has spanned more than three decades, Michael Feinstein has recorded over 30 albums, covering such legendary songwriters as George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and Frank Sinatra. Feinstein’s been nominated for multiple Grammy and Emmy awards, he’s played both the White House and Buckingham Palace, and he’s considered an ambassador of the Great American Songbook. On April 17, … read more

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