Main Street project pushed back a year

A renovated — and hopefully rejuvenated — Main Street is still seen as part of Ridgefield’s future. But it doesn’t look like it will be happening as soon as state and town officials had thought. “Everything’s pushed back a year,” said Charles Robbins, a Planning and Zoning Commission member tapped by First Selectman Rudy Marconi to serve as a liaison … read more

Ridgefield Winter Club: Neighbors file appeal on wetlands approval

The battle at 340 Peaceable Street isn’t going away anytime soon. The Ridgefield Winter Club won approval for a new drainage system at the site from the town’s Inland Wetlands Board in January — a decision that the Peaceable Neighborhood Alliance (PNA) has decided to appeal. “We are very disappointed that four members of the board failed to recognize their … read more

Village parking: What will become of the rules?

The Parking Authority is scaling back permits for all day parking, often used by downtown workers, to create more space for short-term parkers — who may be shoppers. —Jake Kara photo

Village parking used to be highly regulated — rules, numbers, specifics. Should the town go back to that? The Parking Authority is wondering. Parking in the village has been more loosely governed since 2010, when a new philosophy was introduced by the Planning and Zoning Commission. With over 1,000 parking spaces, and hodge-podge of stores and shops and other destinations … read more

In the village: Zoners ban first-floor apartments

The Planning and Zoning Commission has voted to approve an amendment to the town zoning regulations which will ban apartments and other residential uses from the first floor of buildings in the Central Business District (CBD). The ban, approved Tuesday, Jan. 22, also slams the door shut on apartments in basements in the CBD, which runs from the intersection of … read more

Planning commission will hold listening sessions with other town boards

Climate change and open space, crosswalks and affordable housing — a lot goes into making the town work for the next 10 years, and now town boards and commissions will get a chance to weigh in directly. The Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled three “listening sessions” to gather public input for the update to the town Plan of Conservation … read more

Editorial: Cars and condos

Should the town embrace the potential for denser development offered to builders by the state’s affordable housing law — trying to guide it to better serve town needs — or wage a determined resistance, battling on through a series of retreats as one site after another fills up with houses, condos, and apartments? The question underlies the selectmen’s discussion in … read more

Hotel for village? It’s a shared goal that will take time

Tipping at hotels.

As an aspiring arts and culture destination, Ridgefield could use a hotel or another inn — it’s almost an article of faith among town officials. What’s needed is the right location and an entrepreneur willing to sink money into the project. Town officials are working on it, but no hotel plans have matured, as yet. “I know a few people … read more

Planners weigh sustainability options

The electric car recharging station behind town hall can be used from a few sparking spaces, but the area is designated for one-hour parking and a recharge can take two to four times that. Town officials are investigating how to adjust policies. —Macklin Reid photo

Solar farms and driverless cars — it’s not science fiction, but the future the Planning and Zoning Commission is having to consider as it works to update the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development. While commissioners mostly focused on the results of a survey on what the community is concerned about, discussion at its Jan. 2 meeting kept circling back … read more

Wetlands board approves Winter Club, denies intervention by neighbors

The Inland Wetlands Board voted 4-3 to approve a new drainage system, as well as related grading and paving work in the upland review area near 340 Peaceable Street, for the Ridgefield Winter Club Tuesday, Jan. 8. The approved wetlands application does not allow developer Bud Brown to begin building his private skating club. The outdoor skating rink, clubhouse, and … read more

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