Vazzana appointed to replace Cascella on zoning commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission has a new member. The eight-member commission, which serves as the town’s Inland Wetlands Board until the upcoming November election, voted to appoint Rich Vazzana at its April 16 meeting. Vazzana will replace commissioner Bob Cascella who resigned March 26. “My reason for resigning had to do with conflict between what I do for a … read more

Zoning board briefs: High Ridge subdivision wins approval

The following are a list of brief stories that came out of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s April 9 meeting: Pond dredging wins approval The Inland Wetlands Board approved an application for pond dredging at 193 South Salem Road at its April 9 meeting. John Keegan, who was representing applicants Dave and Celeste Ulmer, had previously presented a pond-dredging business … read more

Planners approve improvements for Tablao on Main Street

The zoning commission approved plans to build a fence and a cobblestone walkway at 426 Main Street at its April 9 meeting. The restaurant Tablao is planning to open in the former Fifty Coins location this spring, and the owners intend to fence off the business compressors. “They’re going to clean off the ones that are currently in back of … read more

Business development: Where does the town go from here?

Plans to build a hotel, bike lanes, electric car chargers, entry-level housing — those were some of the things town officials said they want included in Ridgefield’s roadmap for the future at a meeting on April 2. The hearing was the second in a series of three listening sessions organized by the Planning and Zoning Commission, as it undertakes its … read more

Planning report predicts growth in health care, food service jobs

Health care and food service jobs are expected to rise in Ridgefield the next nine years while white-collar office jobs are expected to decline, according to a study presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission last week. The town is expected to add 280 new jobs in health care and 100 new food service jobs by 2028, according to the … read more

Changes sought to shared driveway rules

If developers want to connect more than three building lots with an accessway — a driveway that’s shared between houses — they have to go through a lengthy process of applying for a waiver of the regulations. Expanding that number of buildings that can be served by one driveway from three to five or more was something attorney Bob Jewell suggested … read more

Aquifer Protection Agency: After wetlands-planning board split, who runs the show?

The Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Board are splitting up this November— but who gets the Aquifer Protection Agency in the divorce? Currently, members of the Planning and Zoning Commission serve in three roles — as zoning commissioners, Inland Wetlands Board members, and officers of the Aquifer Protection Agency. Last November, voters decided to split the Inland Wetlands … read more

Planners to write green energy regulations

Windmills, solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling — where they’re allowed to be located and how high; are some of the questions the Planning and Zoning Commission indicated Tuesday, March 26, that it hopes to answer, as it writes new regulations governing renewable energy systems. The commission is handing the bulk of the work to Assistant Planner Daniel Robinson and … read more

Zoning commission considers new rules on green-energy systems

Wind power, geothermal home-heating, and solar — ground mounted, pole mounted, roof mounted, and even wall mounted arrays— all went up for debate in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission at its March 19 public hearing. The hearing was an informal session for the commission to gather information as it plans new zoning rules to regulate solar panels and … read more

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