Ridgefield Winter Club: Zoning battle looms, owner aims to keep piece of Pinchbeck’s history

Ponds don’t freeze the way they did 40 years ago. At least that’s Bud Brown’s assessment. “I remember them freezing solid enough to skate on safely … there were no parents or guardrails, you were very free,” Brown told The Press this week. The 15-year Ridgefield resident is pushing to build a private winter sports club at the site of … read more

Editorial: Winter in July

For all the nice weather we’ve been having this month, it seems all anybody wants to talk is winter. That’s because a proposed, 250-member skate club on the town’s New York border — in the neighborhood of Peaceable Street and Old South Salem Road, on the old Pinchbeck Nursery property — has stirred up a ruckus. Yes, we’re talking protest … read more

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