Letter: Is Ridgefield still senior friendly?

To the Editor: As a resident of Ridgefield since 1973, I was delighted when the town opened the Rec Center on Danbury Road. It has become a de facto town center, accommodating so many activities and hosting events for residents of all ages. When pickleball was initiated and offered as a class through Founders Hall, a group of senior friends … read more

Anyone for tennis? Parks and Recreation Commission proposes $4.7-million budget

From pickleball prices and parking plans to staffing shuffles, ramped-up recycling and some 700 acres of grass to be mowed, a wide-ranging discussion framed the Parks and Recreation Commission’s presentation to the selectmen on a $4,736,000 budget proposal that represents a less than 1% increase — up $18,600, or 0.39% — for 2019-20. This request is part of a more … read more

Letter: Parks and Recreation wants to help pickleball community

To the Editor: There are opinions written in the news about the Ridgefield Pickleball fees. The fees were raised, the pickleball community made objections to the amount the fees were raised, the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation directors and board members open the doors to hear the complaints and followed up with lowering the fees. They are still looking at ways … read more

Mandate: No more choice for pickleball players

Prior to Jan. 1, 2019, pickleball players who chose to play at the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation facilities, had a choice of memberships. For many, the Recreation Membership, which included pickleball open times to play, was their choice. For some, like myself, I chose to join the full Wellness Membership for the additional access to the facility. But, that was … read more

Letter: Pickleball fees should be returned to their original level

To the Editor: I was recently struck by the disconnect between the recent comments by the first selectman about a more compassionate Ridgefield, and the number of letters to the editor regarding the four-fold increase in pickleball fees. While I have only lived in Ridgefield for a little over six months, one of the very striking elements of this wonderful … read more

Letter: What pickleballers don’t like is being singled out

To the Editor: I am writing in response to Macklin Reid’s article of Dec 20 entitled “Pickleballing seniors don’t like price hike.” For the past several years of playing pickleball, we, as a group, have been enjoying using what has been “dead” space at the Rec Center and at Yanity. Space that had many unused time slots. We bought nets … read more

Letter: Pickleball fee increase adversely impacts fixed-income seniors

To the Editor: This letter is in response to the article entitled “Pickleball Seniors Don’t Like Price Hike,” in the Dec. 20 Press. The article does not address the issue that pickleball players have with the fee increase. There are three main reasons why it is unjust. First, the players want pickleball to remain with the basketball recreation membership. Anyone … read more

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