Parking and pickleball: Kearns and Shofi reappointed to Parks and Recreation

Parking and pickleball dominated conversation when two members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Phil Kearns and David Shofi, were reappointed by the Board of Selectmen. “I am going to bring up the ‘p-word’ — that’s parking,” said First Selectman Rudy Marconi said as the joint interview began. “We have had terrible parking problems,” he said. Marconi recalled attending an … read more

Pickleballers propose player punch cards in morning pow-wow with Parks and Rec

The PO-ed pickleballers — price-oppressed pickleballers, that is — won a seeming concession from Parks and Recreation officials, but pressed their case with a counter offer. What the pickleballers have been battling is a planned four-year program of stepped increases in annual fees from $120 to $240 to $360 to $480. “We’ve decided now not to proceed further than $240,” … read more

Letter: Where’s the justification for pickleball price hike?

To the Editor: The proposal by Parks and Recreation to force pickleball players into a wellness membership at a fourfold increase in cost is stunning. Pickleball players who have chosen recreation membership do not want or need the gym, pool or deluxe lockers. Basketball players continue to be offered the old recreation membership, which is blatantly unfair. It is my … read more

Pickleball players protest price hike

Pleading price-gouging, the pickleballers of Ridgefield, Connecticut, brought their complaints of financial oppression by the Parks and Recreation Commission to the Board of Finance and then the Board of Selectmen — but both boards said they had no authority over pickleball fees or other specifics within the parks and recreation budget. “Many of us are seniors who want to stay … read more

Letter: Is Ridgefield still senior friendly?

To the Editor: As a resident of Ridgefield since 1973, I was delighted when the town opened the Rec Center on Danbury Road. It has become a de facto town center, accommodating so many activities and hosting events for residents of all ages. When pickleball was initiated and offered as a class through Founders Hall, a group of senior friends … read more

Anyone for tennis? Parks and Recreation Commission proposes $4.7-million budget

From pickleball prices and parking plans to staffing shuffles, ramped-up recycling and some 700 acres of grass to be mowed, a wide-ranging discussion framed the Parks and Recreation Commission’s presentation to the selectmen on a $4,736,000 budget proposal that represents a less than 1% increase — up $18,600, or 0.39% — for 2019-20. This request is part of a more … read more

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