Environmental regulations: Petitioners protest ‘overreach’

Environmentally conscientious homeowners who want to protect themselves from regulations that they believe will restrict them from creating renewable energy sources have created a petition that’s collected a few hundred signatures.  The petition’s goal is to “prevent the issuance of any law and regulation restricting the installation of solar panels and arrays in the town of Ridgefield.” It has been … read more

Anti-fracking law: Petitioners seek town meeting

Petitioners are collecting signatures to call a town meeting to consider adoption of an anti-fracking ordinance — one that would not only prohibit oil and gas fracking in town, but restrict the use of by-products from the process. “The ‘fracking waste’ petition has been met with huge support from people and businesses around town,” petition organizer Michael Gargiulo told The … read more

Parents opposed to transfer of special education teacher

A beloved special education teacher at Veterans Park is being transferred to Branchville — and parents have something to say about it. “I’m here today to talk to the board about Mary Tracey. She’s one of the brightest lights that has ever entered into our family’s life,” VP parent Megan Holbert said at Monday’s board meeting. “She has taken a … read more

Neighbors start petition against winter club

Opposition to a proposed winter club at 340 Peaceable Street — the former Peaceable Farm location near the Ridgefield-New York border — remains steady despite the fact a formal application has yet to be submitted to town planners. Applicant Bud Brown and his attorney, Bob Jewell, met with town officials during a pre-application concept discussion Thursday, June 8. Four days … read more

RHS students petition against school chef

Students at Ridgefield High School are protesting new cafeteria chef Matt McPartland. Student Jim Green has started a petition on change.org asking to remove the chef from his position. “Too long has Chef Matt poisoned the atmosphere of our lunchroom,” Green wrote in the petition. “He doesn’t treat the people very friendly. Matt is always snappy, and doesn’t know how … read more

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