Mafia blocks: Can Ridgefield finally rid itself of these pieces of concrete?

Traffic flow and ease of parking downtown could be improved by removal of the huge cement blocks — long called “mafia blocks” — that sit atop the driveway connecting the Yankee Ridge parking lot to other lots behind commercial buildings on the east side of Main Street. “That would do a tremendous amount to improve the flow,” First Selectman Rudy … read more

New parking lot plans include 63 spots

Parking for 63 cars could fit on the acre of wooded town land behind the Casey Energy depot off Bailey Avenue, with access through the current town parking lot off Governor Street, First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the selectmen last week. The cost would be about $570,000. “I think that’s probably low for 63 parking spaces,” Marconi said. “$9,047 per … read more

Looking Back: Parking garage?

Parking — and talk of a multi-level parking garage in the village — were on page one 25 years ago, in the Sept. 24, 1992 Ridgefield Press. “More than 50 merchants and residents turned out in force Tuesday night to show their support for a proposed municipal parking lot on Catoonah Street on the former Crouchley property,” the story read. … read more

Letter: Parking at Ballard Green is handicapped only

To the Editor: We are so thankful in town to have the CHIRP concerts every Tuesday and Thursday nights in the park. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to mention the parking at Ballard Green. What many do not understand, is that Ballard Green is private property and the parking is restricted to the concert attendees that are handicapped only. The … read more

Bailey Avenue parking: Is 15 minutes enough time?

Five proposed streetside parking spots on Bailey Avenue had the Police Commission thinking about time at its most recent meeting — specifically, would 15 minutes be enough for shoppers to get in and out of retail shops and other small businesses or would an hour be more appropriate? The commission didn’t approve the spaces — or the time limitations — … read more

Looking Back: Bench-clearing baseball brawl

The front page of the June 11, 1992, issue of The Ridgefield Press reported that East Ridge Middle School English teacher Nancy Sekor brought a lawsuit charging that she was defamed and her first amendment rights were violated, asking for a judgement of $2 million dollars against the school principal Mary Capwell. “That’s outrageous,” [the Board of Education Chairman Joan … read more

Letter: Don’t move concerts from Ballard Park

Pine Leaf Boys

To the Editor: We strongly oppose alternative sites for the CHIRP summer concert series held in Ballard Park.  By being held in the center of our town, these concerts bring an important sense of community, energy and commerce downtown. If we have a parking problem, then solve the parking problem, don’t eliminate a successful in-town program. There is much discussion … read more

Concerts at Schlumberger? Parking problems could force relocation

Pine Leaf Boys

Moving summer concerts from Ballard Park to the former Schlumberger property may be a long-term solution to village parking problems Tuesday and Thursday nights. But the selectmen are struggling with parking for this summer’s concerts and may move Thursday night performances out of the park — even as they talk about expanding the Governor Street parking lot, and move ahead … read more

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