Zoners talk traffic, paving and bike lanes at third listening session

Traffic, paving, bike lanes, a new police and fire station, and parking — always more parking — dominated a discussion on town infrastructure before the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday, May 7. The meeting was the third in a series of listening sessions hosted by the commission to hear input from town officials ahead of its 10-year rewrite of the … read more

Business development: Where does the town go from here?

Plans to build a hotel, bike lanes, electric car chargers, entry-level housing — those were some of the things town officials said they want included in Ridgefield’s roadmap for the future at a meeting on April 2. The hearing was the second in a series of three listening sessions organized by the Planning and Zoning Commission, as it undertakes its … read more

Village parking: What will become of the rules?

The Parking Authority is scaling back permits for all day parking, often used by downtown workers, to create more space for short-term parkers — who may be shoppers. —Jake Kara photo

Village parking used to be highly regulated — rules, numbers, specifics. Should the town go back to that? The Parking Authority is wondering. Parking in the village has been more loosely governed since 2010, when a new philosophy was introduced by the Planning and Zoning Commission. With over 1,000 parking spaces, and hodge-podge of stores and shops and other destinations … read more

Parking, parking, parking: Town seeks more spaces

The Parking Authority is scaling back permits for all day parking, often used by downtown workers, to create more space for short-term parkers — who may be shoppers. —Jake Kara photo

Parking relief is on its way — though don’t look for it to arrive in time for this year’s holiday shopping season — as the town continues to make halting progress toward a planned new 63-car lot, while also exploring a potential land lease to increase the supply of all-day parking. The goal of both initiatives is to add a … read more

Town tweeks parking realities while waiting for more blacktop

Parking, parking, more parking — will there ever be enough? With the town’s all-day parking lot off Governor Street often full or close to it lately, First Selectman Rudy Marconi says there are plans in the works to add what could amount to another 135 or so parking spaces to the village commercial district. “As a band-aid, for a while,” … read more

In this week’s Ridgefield Press

Here’s a look at some of the headlines from this week’s Ridgefield Press: SummerFest returns to Main Street Saturday. The Chamber of Commerce’s annual extravaganza features a touch-a-truck event for kids, sidewalk sales, and plenty of live music. Parking changes have been made in the village. Make sure you know where to leave your car — and for how long … read more

Village changes: Town shortens some parking times

The newly paved parking lot between Governor Street and Bailey Avenue re-opened Wednesday, a day earlier than expected. —Press photo

The allowed parking time for 22 spaces on the eastern edge of the village commercial district was reduced from three-hour to two-hour, with signs going on Friday, July 13. Parking Authority member Jessica Wilmot said the change was made at the request of the ownership of the Donnelly shopping center, where the spaces are located. She also said it’s a … read more

Mafia blocks: Can Ridgefield finally rid itself of these pieces of concrete?

Traffic flow and ease of parking downtown could be improved by removal of the huge cement blocks — long called “mafia blocks” — that sit atop the driveway connecting the Yankee Ridge parking lot to other lots behind commercial buildings on the east side of Main Street. “That would do a tremendous amount to improve the flow,” First Selectman Rudy … read more

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