Parking, parking, parking: Town seeks more spaces

The Parking Authority is scaling back permits for all day parking, often used by downtown workers, to create more space for short-term parkers — who may be shoppers. —Jake Kara photo

Parking relief is on its way — though don’t look for it to arrive in time for this year’s holiday shopping season — as the town continues to make halting progress toward a planned new 63-car lot, while also exploring a potential land lease to increase the supply of all-day parking. The goal of both initiatives is to add a … read more

Village changes: Town shortens some parking times

The newly paved parking lot between Governor Street and Bailey Avenue re-opened Wednesday, a day earlier than expected. —Press photo

The allowed parking time for 22 spaces on the eastern edge of the village commercial district was reduced from three-hour to two-hour, with signs going on Friday, July 13. Parking Authority member Jessica Wilmot said the change was made at the request of the ownership of the Donnelly shopping center, where the spaces are located. She also said it’s a … read more

Concert and event parking: What’s off limits?

Parking for events in Ballard Park — including free summer CHIRP concerts on Tuesday and Thursday nights — will follow a simple plan. “They can park anywhere in front of CVS. The rest of the lot is exclusive for customers,” said Parking Authority Chairwoman Jessica Wilmot. That means there’ll be parking for “customers only” in several areas that adjoin the … read more

Parking Authority seeks community suggestions

There's free, all-day parking in the Governor Street lot between the Boys and Girls Club and the new RVNA construction site. —Jake Kara photo

The town’s Parking Authority is open to hearing feedback from the community when it comes to parking permit usage and distribution. Suggestions, which will be accepted through Feb. 1, should be mailed to Parking Authority c/o Town Hall Selectmen’s Office, 400 Main Street, Ridgefield CT 06877. Residents are also welcome to attend Parking Authority meetings and make suggestions during the … read more

Ellen Burns joins Parking Authority

Books on the Common co-owner Ellen Burns has been appointed to the town Parking Authority, becoming the second village businesswoman on the five-member agency, along with Ancient Mariner owner Jessica Wilmot. “It obviously becomes an emotional thing when you’re in business and your customers drive away because they can’t find parking space,” she told the the Board of Selectmen at … read more

Parking Authority in concerts: Take a walk to Ballard Park

Able-bodied people going to free concerts can walk a block or two to Ballard Park — that’s the Parking Authority’s take on the situation. While there will be exceptions for the handicapped and “physically challenged seniors” — as well as a drop-off area available to all — the Parking Authority has issued a policy restricting parking in the lots immediately … read more

Move Thursday night concerts? Selectmen try to solve businesses parking concerns

The Latin jazz of Pedrito Martinez drew a crowd to the summer’s last free concert in Ballard Park on Tuesday night, closing a 24-concert CHIRP season. —Scott Mullin photo.

Summer concert-night parking problems would be addressed by moving one of the two free weekly musical performances from Ballard Park to a location outside the village, as part of a plan the selectmen are looking into. “The thought would be to move the Thursday nights, the Thursday night concerts, and only have Tuesday night,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. The … read more

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