Binge and Repeat: ‘The OA’ returns with a twist

Netflix recently gifted viewers with a second season of “The OA,” more than two years after it originally aired. Fans of “The OA” must be rejoicing to learn what happened after the abrupt and disjointed finale at the end of season one. A quick recap of season one; Prairie Johnson returns home seven years after her disappearance, but the circumstances … read more

Binge and Repeat: ‘The Order’ feels too familiar

Snarky and supernatural stories have been popular for years and while these stories can seem repetitive, audiences keep coming back for more. Monsters, of course, come hand-in-hand with these stories as studios keep churning out teen dramas revolving around vampires, werewolves and witches. Fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Charmed” in particular might find that Netflix’s new series, “The … read more

Binge and Repeat: Let ‘Carmen Sandiego’ steal your time

Man, lately I have been binging some non-stop drama. For a change of pace I decided to indulge my inner-child and watch Netflix’s animated series “Carmen Sandiego.” I thought it seemed absolutely delightful that the star of one of my favorite computer games (back in the Stone Age of dial-up Internet) was teaching kids about geography in a new television … read more

Binge and Repeat: Not just another superhero series

I know, I know, another superhero show. Trust me, I’m starting to feel the superhero fatigue. However, watching The Umbrella Academy, which is surprisingly not owned by comic giants DC or Marvel, didn’t present us with the standard do-gooder saves the day, or gifted person reluctantly saves the day archetypes that have flooded movie and TV screens over the past … read more

Binge and Repeat: Dodging death with Russian Doll

Natasha Lyonne stars in “Russian Doll,” the Netflix series she co-created, revolving around her character being caught in a time-loop on her birthday. Lyonne plays Nadia, a woman who doesn’t particularly care about herself at all, while also being an incredibly selfish person. That is, until she dies. After every death Nadia comes back and finds herself in the bathroom … read more

Binge and Repeat: Secrets behind the gates

Gated communities are created to feel safer; high walls and security are in place to prevent nefarious people from causing mischief. However, not all danger comes from the outside. Sometimes, more often than people are willing to admit, it comes from within a community. Netflix’s series Safe takes place in a private community in England, where the residents are suddenly … read more

Binge and Repeat: Kick back with GLOW

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have returned for a second season to provide viewers with enough ’80s nostalgia to encourage some to dig out their old leg warmers and hop around to an old Jane Fonda workout tape. Netflix’s GLOW, a series about a group of women trying to make a hit TV show about women’s wrestling, used their second … read more

Binge and Repeat: Harlem’s hero returns

Luke Cage has returned to our screens with more grit than audiences saw in the first season. The hero of Harlem returns for season two with more rage and fewer friends as he pushes away his loved ones. The new season of Luke Cage picks up where Luke’s (Mike Colter) story was left off from the Defenders (this whole crossover … read more

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