Movie Menu: Home Alone, Hacksaw Ridge, The Martian and more

Movies are a director’s medium. The person behind the camera is the master storyteller, as evidenced by some of the films available this weekend on broadcast and television. Take a look. Saturday, March 23 Grumpy Old Men (1993) Donald Petrie capitalizes on the charisma of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in this humorous tale of feuding neighbors. Ann-Margret costars. 2:30 … read more

Movie Menu: Hook, Good Will Hunting and Young Frankenstein

As we imagine the upcoming change of seasons, the movies remind us how surprising a change can be. Take a look at what’s showing this weekend on broadcast and cable television. Friday, March 15 The Birdcage (1996) What if a surprise visit from future in-laws prompts a gay couple to redecorate and reconsider? Robin Williams and Nathan Lane delight in … read more

Reel Dad: Oscar’s lessons for 2019

An Oscar season defined by scandal, second thoughts and surprise has finally come to an end. With a couple of amazing Academy surprises. And, at the awards ceremony Sunday evening, the controversies of the year seemed less important than the opportunity to honor the deserving winners. Before we close the books on the Academy Awards for 2018, let’s take a … read more

Movie Menu: Airport, Walk the Line, Jurassic Park and more

Looking for a movie to watch this Super Bowl weekend? Check out what’s showing on broadcast and cable television. Friday, Feb. 1 The Breakfast Club (1985) Five high school students find themselves sharing more during detention than they expected in this heartfelt comedy from director and writer John Hughes. 6 p.m., AMC Jurassic Park (1993) The dinosaurs have all the … read more

Movie Menu: Jaws, West Side Story, Inside Out and more

Looking for a summer escape? Check out what’s showing this weekend on broadcast and cable stations. Friday, July 20 Amistad (1997) Steven Spielberg tells a compelling story of a captured ship, a dramatic court case and a question about the true definition of freedom. 8 p.m., Flix West Side Story (1961) Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins won Oscars for directing … read more

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