Letter: Expansion of sewer district for ‘senior park’ should be denied

To the Editor: In response to developer Marty Handshy’s proposal to expand the sewer district for a “senior park” on Danbury Road (“Condos, sewer expansion sought” Jan. 3 Press), my answer is an emphatic “No.” I oppose any expansion of the sewer district boundaries other than to address health issues created by existing homes with failing septic systems. I’ve lived … read more

Affordable housing: 30-unit apartment building gets mixed response

A proposed apartment building on Danbury Road submitted under the state’s affordable housing law received mixed reviews from neighbors and other residents at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on Sept. 19. If approved, the single 30-unit, three-story building will be built at 233 Danbury Road, a three-acre plot of land near Founders Hall. The town currently has a moratorium … read more

Zoning commission to review Handshy affordable housing application Wednesday

A 30-unit, 45-bedroom, age-restricted affordable housing project on Danbury Road will receive public hearing Wednesday, Sept. 19, in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission. The three-story building, which is proposed by local developer Marty Handshy, will be built on a three-acre lot at 233 Danbury Road (backs up toward Founders Hall). Handshy is a partner of CGP at Danbury Road LLC, an … read more

Affordable housing: 30 units planned on Danbury Road

A 30-unit, 45-bedroom, age-restricted affordable housing project is being planned on a little over three acres off Danbury Road, in a single three-story building with gables, dormers and porches facing across Route 35 toward the north driveway of the Fox Hill condominiums. The site — 233 Danbury Road — backs up toward Founders Hall. The developers, CGP at Danbury Road … read more

Selectmen to vote on Handshy land sale proposal Wednesday

As far as summer controversies go, the proposed one-acre land sale on Sunset Lane — to developer Marty Handshy of Charter Group Partners — might be Ridgefield’s most divisive. The Board of Selectmen are scheduled to review the offer — two more townhouse buildings, six units total — Wednesday night in executive session. First Selectman Rudy Marconi told The Press in July … read more

In this week’s Ridgefield Press

Here’s a look at some of the headlines in this week’s Ridgefield Press: It’s caucus time in Ridgefield: Republicans and Democrats search for volunteers to run for a bevy of open seats this fall. The party begins tonight — Thursday, July 20 — for the GOP nominees, and will continue next Monday for the Democratic candidates. Speaking of politics, the … read more

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