Letter: Boucher’s letter is standard GOP fare

To the Editor: It is good local politics for state Sen. Boucher to challenge Gov. Malloy’s suggestion that small towns “can bail out” larger cities in the state. She panders to the egos of her constituents by referencing the “smaller fiscally responsible towns” and stereotypes larger cities as “succumbing to decades of bad decision-making.” Finally, she accuses the governor of … read more

Letter: Mountainside exit not a cause for celebration

To the Editor: It seems everyone in Ridgefield is declaring victory because Mountainside withdrew its application to run a drug treatment facility. Please excuse me if I do not join the celebration. The nation is in the grip of an opioid epidemic that far surpasses the earlier heroin, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine problems. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of … read more

Letter: We must reaffirm Democratic values

To the Editor: I just finished reading a book about the Civil War and the people of the Ozark Mountains in southwest Missouri. There were numerous associations, allegiances, alliances, and rebel groups, including those who did not subscribe to slavery but were states’ righters and resented the conscription, taxing and confiscation rights of the federal government under martial law. David … read more

Letter: Police and fire taken for granted

To the Editor: Shortly after my wife and I moved here from Sandy Hook in April last year, our police department did a wonderful job in solving the break-ins and apprehending the suspect that had been terrorizing residents on Old Sib Road and Mamanasco Lake Road. I was remiss in not thanking them for their diligence and hard work at … read more

Letter: Small towns can’t bail out bankrupt cities

To the Editor: During his State of the State speech and at other recent appearances, Gov. Malloy has talked about the need to take actions to prevent Connecticut’s largest municipalities from entering into bankruptcy. While I agree that no one wants to see these cities take such drastic actions, I cannot agree with the administration’s approach saying that smaller communities … read more

Letter: Friday service at Shir Shalom had powerful message

The Ridgefield Press

To the Editor: There are some experiences that fit the times we live in perfectly. One such occurred this past Friday at the main evening service at Reform Jewish Congregation Shir Shalom on Peaceable Street. In some respects, it was a continuation of a fourteen-year tradition for observance of the weekend devoted to the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin … read more

Letter: Political satire

To the Editor: Hello! what’s this doctor? Why it’s a gigantic crater on a cot located adjacent to a high-powered computer. The 400-pound bed-sitting person did it! Through careful examination of the evidence, I had previously eliminated from suspicion Col. Mustard and Prof. Plum due to their being characters created pre-computers. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter … read more

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