Letter: Toll scare tactics

To the Editor: In recent letters, Republicans have complained about the installation of toll booths, and that toll-evading drivers will cut through Ridgefield, adding to traffic. First, “toll booths” will not be installed anywhere. There will be no stopping to pay or even slowing down – all will be done via EZ Pass (or a license plate reader.) The idea … read more

Letter: Democratic column is the pot calling the kettle black

To the Editor: In response to last week’s Democratic View, once again we have the DTC chair throwing out fact-twisting, dishonest diatribes. Rep. John Frey detailed some of those traits in his letter in the same paper. How can you say that the RNC supporting Trump for re-election is unprecedented and irregular — his approval/disapproval ratings are the same as … read more

Letter: An open letter to Ridgefield Parks and Recreation Commission

To the Editor: Since Nov. 15, 2018, there have been many communications with you via phone calls, meetings, letters, press articles, etc. regarding your decision to remove drop-in pickleball from the Recreation Membership, and move it into the Wellness Membership, and simultaneously keep drop-in basketball in the Recreation Membership. We are respectfully asking you to please reply to us in … read more

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