Letter: The Mueller Report in fewer than 300 words

To the Editor: Russians are adept at psychological warfare. They, along with every other nation on earth, loath America and wish it destroyed or under their dominion. Concluding, as Julian Assange did, that Hilary Clinton was “…a bright, well connected, sadistic sociopath” who, if elected, would more likely engage in warfare [Mueller Report , Vol. I, p. 44, fn. 156], … read more

Letter: Sweeping field fire under the rug highlights disintegration of values

To the Editor: In two short weeks, we went from prosecuting this heinous crime to sweeping it under the rug. Before the gasoline had even dried, we were told the cost of the cleanup would be $50,000, no town employees were involved, it did not look like student vandalism, and our police department was going to pursue every lead to … read more

Letter: Come take the tour

To the Editor: On Saturday, April 27 — 242 years to the day after the Battle of Ridgefield — Olde Town Cemetery will be open for self-guided tours of 27 “graves with a story” of Revolutionary War veterans and other notable residents of Ridgefield’s early days. After attending Saturday’s talk at the Library from 11am to 12:30pm about the British … read more

Letter: Field fire anonymous restitution highlights the worst of ‘Rich Field’ privilege

To the Editor: I am disappointed at the town’s decision to not press charges or to disclose the names of the people responsible for lighting the town’s baseball field on fire. Restitution between two private parties? Yes, I can see how this could be a solution. But when public property, town employees, and school sports teams are involved —not to … read more

Letter: People responsible for field fire should atone for their actions

To the Editor: I read with astonishment the story of the field fire in last week’s Press and all I could say was, “Are you kidding me? How dumb do you think we are?” According to the article, 75-100 people witnessed the incident yet nobody knows who is responsible. How does that happen? Mr. Marconi stated he does not believe … read more

Letter: CHIRP seeks community help to run full summer of concerts

To the Editor: CHIRP would like to thank those in the community who have, to date, responded to our annual appeal. We are delighted to find out once again that many of you in the community still love and support the concerts. And our first eleven concerts this summer have now been financially covered in full. However, contributions for 2019, … read more

Letter: Condos are devouring small town character

To the Editor: Driving into Ridgefield on Danbury Road it’s easy to look around and wonder, what happened? Recent construction projects, too numerous to list, continue to forever alter Ridgefield. In lieu of native shade trees, condos continue to spring up at every turn despite ever increasing traffic. Rows of generic condos and a storage rental facility — the new … read more

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