Letter: Johnston was a health warrior

To the Editor: Mr. Robert Johnston of Ridgefield, a health warrior for both Alzheimer’s and cancer, passed away of a brain tumor on Dec. 4.     Not only did Mr. Johnston greatly impact our community by compassionately running the Alzheimer’s support group in town, he also went for many years into the schools to advocate for Alzheimer’s research and awareness … read more

Letter: Demeaning cartoon

To the Editor: The cartoon printed on the opinion page of the Dec 6, 2018, issue of The Ridgefield Press was demeaning and insulting on multiple levels. The Press should issue an apology. First, it is insensitive to Native Americans for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it equates townspeople’s reactions to healthy start times opponents with racist 19th century reactions to Native … read more

Letter: Commitment to health

To the Editor: I applaud the BoE for committing to healthy start times in 2019-20. Aligning start times with student biology is sound public policy, providing the foundation for learning and growth. When children are well-rested and primed to learn, programming is more effective and ROI improves. Currently, RHS students are unable to take full advantage of curriculum in the … read more

Letter: Medicine is sure on start times

To the Editor: As an adolescent medicine specialist, I have extensively reviewed the literature on school start times, and followed along with public opinion. It is important for me, as a healthcare provider, to state that there are few topics in medicine with this much definitive literature. The effects of sleep deprivation on adolescents are widespread and serious, including increased … read more

Letter: Common sense not demagoguery

To the Editor: Ridgefield residents who are asking difficult questions of the BOE are not “demagogues.” We are involved, concerned parents and tax-paying citizens. Opposition to SST concerns a lack of cost transparency, viable start and end time scenarios, and a plan that considers the needs of all student populations. In just two weeks, an opposition petition has obtained close … read more

Letter: Science, not demagogues

To the Editor: A small, insistent segment of the community has staked out an irrational position that disregards the strong, scientifically-based medical consensus for healthy school start times. The small size and limited influence of the opponents were clearly exposed in the results of the November 2017 local election and the spring 2018 budget referendum. Both followed BOE’s fall 2017 … read more

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