Letter: Winter club presentation provided more questions than answers

To the Editor: At the first meeting on the winter club proposal, I was struck by several specious points in proponent’s presentation:   Counsel in the presentation assured us that no change in value would occur to property in its vicinity as the town’s appraisal had occurred a year ago and would not recur for five years.    Really?   … read more

Letter: Let us remember

To the Editor: Let us remember that, under the leadership of our last U.S. President, Barack Obama, our country did the following: Strongly supported alliances with our allies that helped to spread democracy and to raise the standard of living throughout the world.             Climbed out of a global financial crisis where protections were put in place to prohibit financial … read more

Letter: SALT cap will impact residents regardless of who is governor


To the Editor: In the latest GOP Viewpoint in the Ridgefield Press, Joe Savino blames the CT Democratic leadership for failing to recruit new business, poor business climate, high taxes, cost of energy, and even the loss of population, providing a long list of poor CT rankings mostly attributed to our tax burden.   However, he forgot to list the … read more

Letter: An open plea to Bud Brown

To the Editor: For months now, I’ve woken up with my stomach cemented into the base of my throat. The attempt by “Rising Ridge, Inc.” to destroy our quiet, residential, peaceable neighborhood is causing stress and anxiety every time my husband and I think about it. Our relationship is suffering because it’s putting us on edge. Our children are suffering … read more

Letter: Ridgefield needs more affordable housing

To the Editor: Fellow citizens, I think the town of Ridgefield needs more affordable housing. I greatly, and many other seniors, enjoy living in Ridgefield. It is truly a wonderful community. The town offers a lot for their seniors through activities and the assistance of awesome senior municipal agent, Karen Guardian. As a trained Red Cross CNA working for the … read more

Letter: Cell phone etiquette in town needs to improve

Cellphones: everywhere, all the time.

To the Editor: Cell phone etiquette is low on the totem pole with today’s contentious topics. But please indulge me as I tell you about my morning. While waiting at my doctor’s office, I was subjected to a woman ranting on her cell phone about her ex-husband’s verbal abuse toward their children. She could have stepped outside, sparing us all … read more

Letter: Town, state responsible for fixing dangerous Rec Center intersection

To the Editor: Recently, aluminum standing-strips on the northbound “shoulder” of Route 35 deterred vehicles from passing vehicles waiting to turn left into Rec Center/Founders Hall complex. They were removed and nothing has replaced them. Cars and trucks have resumed passing on the right. This reckless driving poses a recurring danger for multi-vehicle collisions with cars leaving and entering from … read more