Letter: Why would church rush land use process?

To the Editor: In a recent Facebook post, the meeting minutes from the May 28 St. Stephen’s Vestry Meeting were shared and stated that the church is looking into selling their South Hall building. The minutes read: “…the town charter was amended last November to establish a new Inland Wetlands Board effective 11/8/2019 to remove wetland decisions making from P&Z. … read more

Letter: Distorted logic on parking

To the Editor: The irony that P&Z and the Parking Authority are considering regulating the number spots for certain downtown businesses rather than come up with a comprehensive plan to address the real issues is breathtaking. We all read about concerns of retail vacancies and the diminishing business base in town. Offering meaningless tax incentives to attract tenants are laughable … read more

Letter: Beware of the new age Charter for Compassion

To the Editor: Further thought should be given to promoting the concept that a civil government bind itself to any Charter for Compassion. The “Charter,” found at https://charterforcompassion.org/charter, propounds an abstract, and thus civilly unworkable, “New Age” mysticism. Its text smacks of the institution of civil religion, abhorred under the First Amendment. It will inevitably lead to the mischiefs of … read more

Letter: Charter change needed

To the Editor: In a letter to the Ridgefield Press dated May 23, 2019, Bill Davidson wrote that it’s time to “modify the town’s Annual Town and Budget Meeting through a Charter revision that eliminates the ability to reduce budgets prior to a budget referendum.” Davidson argues persuasively that a fraction of registered voters can reduce town and or school … read more

Letter: Aquifer protection compromise is ill-conceived

To the Editor: The May 23, 2019 Ridgefield Press published a “Column” entitled “Aquifer Protection Agency: Facts and info.” After reading it several times, I remain puzzled as to its purpose. It informs us that there are 10 aquifers in Ridgefield as defined by the State of Connecticut; that local regulatory authorities share aquifer protection with DEEP; that all regulated … read more

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