Benefits of Girl Scouting

To the Editor: Today, we acknowledge International Day of the Girl Child. Since 2012, the world has celebrated this day to highlight global progress in female achievement and raise up issues regarding the unique needs of girls and special challenges they face in our complex world today. While we celebrate many advances girls and women have made in society, our … read more

Operation Hope thanks community for supporting annual tag sale

To the Editor: We at Operation Hope of Fairfield express our thanks to the community for its support of our 29th annual Tag Sale, which took place August 18-19. Your generosity helps us provide food, clinical support, affordable housing and hope for the future for so many. Thanks to First Church Congregational for loaning the space to hold our largest … read more

Letter: In-humane society

To the Editor: How we got here is immaterial. All that matters is that a terrible, destructive, cruel and immoral thing is being done to children by the government elected to represent the values of the United States of America. Regardless of when this policy ends, separating children from their parents is wrong. It is unAmerican; it is inhuman. These … read more

Letter: Parking at Ballard Green is handicapped only

To the Editor: We are so thankful in town to have the CHIRP concerts every Tuesday and Thursday nights in the park. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to mention the parking at Ballard Green. What many do not understand, is that Ballard Green is private property and the parking is restricted to the concert attendees that are handicapped only. The … read more

Letter: Action is the antidote to fear

To the Editor: Do you commiserate with friends? Want to safeguard our country from a government hell-bent on sinking us into baronial times when the lordly kept serfs at beck and call? Our Congressman and Senators are fighting for us, and are you showing up, signing petitions, writing postcards, making phone calls to government officials you support or oppose? Democracy … read more

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