Ridgefield Voters United: New group aims to protect neighborhoods from commercial development

With the Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Board separating in eight months, Ridgefield will have a new group of elected officials deciding on applications that impact development in town. And when that split happens, Ridgefield Voters United (RVU) will be ready to offer candidates to voters. The new citizens group, which formed in February, aims to protect residential … read more

Ridgefield Winter Club: Neighbors file appeal on wetlands approval

The battle at 340 Peaceable Street isn’t going away anytime soon. The Ridgefield Winter Club won approval for a new drainage system at the site from the town’s Inland Wetlands Board in January — a decision that the Peaceable Neighborhood Alliance (PNA) has decided to appeal. “We are very disappointed that four members of the board failed to recognize their … read more

Wetlands board approves Winter Club, denies intervention by neighbors

The Inland Wetlands Board voted 4-3 to approve a new drainage system, as well as related grading and paving work in the upland review area near 340 Peaceable Street, for the Ridgefield Winter Club Tuesday, Jan. 8. The approved wetlands application does not allow developer Bud Brown to begin building his private skating club. The outdoor skating rink, clubhouse, and … read more

‘We came up short:’ Ridgefield Winter Club withdraws special permit application

A “firing range” of hockey slapshots proved to be loud enough to stop the Ridgefield Winter Club from being built at 340 Peaceable Street — for now. The club, which submitted plans in July 2018 for an outdoor ice rink, an indoor clubhouse, and other maintenance buildings that would total more than 18,000 square feet on the nearly six-acre property, … read more

Wetlands board will be elected next November

Evening shadows engulfed the northern and western shores of Lake Mamanasco late Tuesday as afternoon sunlight still caught the eastern shore with Richardson Park’s cliffs. The Mamanasco Lake Improvement Fund’s plan for cleaning the north end of muck, visible in the foreground, was approved by the Inland Wetlands Board on Tuesday night. Story inside. —Macklin Reid photo

The voters have spoken — the town Inland Wetlands Board (IWB) will split away from the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) to become its own agency with seven elected officials. “The separation becomes effective with the November 2019 election,” explained Chairwoman Rebecca Mucchetti of the Planning and Zoning Commission. “Candidates will come through the Republican and Democratic town committees for … read more

Ballot questions recap: Sewer project passes; zoning, wetlands board to split

Approval of the $48-million sewer plant renovation, the creation of a seperate elected Inland Wetlands Board, and approval of state constitutional question firming up procedural hurdles to the sale of state property left environmental-minded Ridgefielders pleased with Tuesday’s voting results. “It’s been a great day for the environment, particularly here in Ridgefield,” said Conservation Commission chairman James Coyle. “You don’t … read more

No more mudslides? Richardson Drive plan gets approval

A plan to stabilize the hillside of a Richardson Drive home received approval from the town Inland Wetlands Board earlier this month. In April and June, the hillside at 27 Richardson Drive gave way in two separate mudslides after homeowners Jaime and Cory Neas cut back vegetation and excavated a small pond next to their home. The excavation work was … read more

With rainstorms getting worse, town toughens erosion controls

Rain’s been falling — often a lot all at once, with 14 storms dropping half an inch or more measured from April through late August by the Aquarion Water Company, which tracks rainfall at its reservoir in Greenwich. The town of Ridgefield is responding to the weather trend by requiring builders to double-up on erosion and sedimentation controls at vulnerable … read more

Wetlands board to review Richardson Drive mudslide prevention plan Tuesday

Stop the mudslides. A plan to stabilize the hillside of a Richardson Drive property has been submitted to the town’s Planning and Zoning Department, and will go before the Inland Wetlands Board for a special meeting Tuesday, Aug. 28. Homeowners Cory and Jaime Neas hired Bryan Nesteriak, a civil engineer with Seymour-based B&B Engineering, after two rainstorms in April and … read more

Charter ballot questions approved by selectmen

Substantial charter changes, administrative adjustments, clarifications of debated language — nine ballot questions that would enact a wide range of proposals put forward by the Charter Revision Commission were approved Monday, Aug. 13, by the Board of Selectmen. The selectmen’s final approval means the ballot questions will be put before town voters at the November election. Aside from the extensively … read more

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