Letter: Conservatives do not want to see a free health insurance market

To the Editor: Conservatives present their ideology as if it were a religion, to be taken on faith, not subject to the pragmatic criterion of, “Does it work?” Free markets do not exist except on a very small scale, like pizza parlors or nail salons, and even their franchise operations often drive the single proprietorship out of the marker. Any … read more

Letter: Obamacare requires some corrections, not obliteration

To the Editor: Republicans have been unable to pass their badly structured Health Care Bill.   I addressed this problem in The Press on March 30. Their party that captured all levels of national power is now a mixture of old-fashioned fiscal conservatives (like Susan Collins), radical populists (like Steve Bannon) and some white-supremacists (like Jeff Sessions) who want to … read more

Editorial: Health care heroes

With the future of health care in America up in the air, there’s little room for celebration — or applause — these days. But locally, the efforts of the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association are both commendable and necessary. This weekend, the RVNA will pull out all the stops during its 43rd annual Health and Wellness Fair Saturday, April 1, from … read more

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