Letter: Sweeping field fire under the rug highlights disintegration of values

To the Editor: In two short weeks, we went from prosecuting this heinous crime to sweeping it under the rug. Before the gasoline had even dried, we were told the cost of the cleanup would be $50,000, no town employees were involved, it did not look like student vandalism, and our police department was going to pursue every lead to … read more

Governor Park reopens in Ridgefield following gasoline-fueled field fire

Governor Park in Ridgefield has been reopened after an infield fire left tens of thousands in damages over the weekend. First Selectman Rudy Marconi said new soil was delivered at the site Thursday, April 11, and that parks and recreation employees took about six to seven hours finishing the restoration job. “The good news is the field looks great, it … read more

Cops call for community assistance with baseball field fire investigation

Who poured gasoline onto the infield of Ridgefield’s Governor Park and lit it ablaze? Photos on social media show both baseball teams — Ridgefield and Amity — in the dugout Saturday afternoon, and video footage during the fire shows a combination of parents and coaches trying to smother the flames with dirt. First Selectman Rudy Maroni said the incident was … read more

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