GOP Viewpoint: Getting fleeced

Yankee Institute develops and advances free-market, limited-government solutions in Connecticut. As one of America’s oldest state-based think tanks, Yankee is a leading advocate for smart, limited government; fairness for taxpayers; and an open road to opportunity. In particular, Yankee is the first to publish a policy paper that calculates the actual cost of Gov. Lamont’s tax increase at $2.4 billion … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Is Connecticut at a tipping point?

Taxes are a necessary evil. They are the cost of running our government. However, raising taxes too much ultimately reduces the total value received. Many economists believe the paradox that the more you tax, after a certain point, the less total revenue you collect thus reaching a tipping point. Legislators should consider “How many taxes are too many; have we … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Important updates from Hartford

There is no doubt about it, the future of Connecticut’s prosperity is in danger. Elections have consequences and, unfortunately, we are seeing that play out every day. In just two short months, our newly-elected governor and the Democratic-controlled legislature are promoting to: 1) Force school districts to regionalize; 2) Increase or implement taxes in a number of areas and; 3) … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Call to action

In our last column we urged all Ridgefield residents to pay close attention to what is going on in Hartford. We used tolls as one example of Democratic policies being advanced that will hurt residents of Ridgefield and Connecticut. Since that article was written, the Democrats have put forward legislation and initiatives that will: Force Ridgefield and towns like ours … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Pay close attention

As the Democratic-controlled Connecticut legislature sets its priorities for 2019, we encourage all Ridgefield residents to pay close attention to bills that are being put forth. The two main questions to ask yourself when analyzing new bills are: Will the legislation have a positive or negative effect on Ridgefield? Will the legislation improve Connecticut’s economic problems? Let’s take the issue … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Thank you for your service

As we start 2019, the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee would like to take a moment to thank two very important public servants — Hope Wise and Toni Boucher. Hope Wise, has stepped down as the Ridgefield Republican registrar after 20 years of service. Until recently, Toni Boucher served as Ridgefield’s state senator for the past 10 years. Both of these … read more

Letter: Deficits and the GOP

To the Editor: In a letter to the editor on Dec 13, Sean Archambault takes issue with Alex Harris’s Democratic View column from the previous week. The first issue is that many of Sean’s deficit numbers are way off. For example, for Fiscal Year 2010, Sean pegs the deficit at $1.652 trillion, while the actual deficit, according to the non-partisan … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Stay involved

Another Election Day has come and gone, and we all survived. Congratulations to all who were victorious in their run for public office. Thank you to every candidate who ran for office. Regardless of the outcome, you made a difference in this election cycle. I offer a huge shout-out to all the volunteers, regardless of your party affiliation, who volunteered … read more

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