GOP Viewpoint: Unanswered sewer renovation questions need answers

The sewer project is the second largest capital request in the history of Ridgefield. This vote will impact Ridgefielders, their property values, taxes and how our town grows over the next 20 years. Given the enormity of this, the selectmen, Board of Finance and WPCA approvals, wouldn’t a taxpayer think the current Phase 2 documents and presentations posted on the … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Dedicated leaders

The Town of Ridgefield and the State of Connecticut are fortunate to have two dedicated elected officials who represent us in Hartford. State Sen. Toni Boucher and state Rep. John Frey are both well respected veterans in Hartford and in our community.   Sen. Boucher represents six towns in addition to Ridgefield: New Canaan, Wilton, Weston, Bethel, Redding and Westport.  Toni is … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Connecticut by the numbers

As you travel around our beautiful town it is hard not to notice the numerous “For Sale” signs, and “For Rent” signs. While the rest of the country has seen over 4 million new jobs created and greater than 4% GDP growth since the 2016 election, Connecticut continues to barely break even at best. Governors of other states regularly visit Connecticut to … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Thank you for your service!

While we have all been focused on the end of our extended school year, the transition to summer and enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup, may we please suggest that now is the time to thank our elected public servants representing Ridgefield in Hartford.   While the media coverage is not what it should be, state Rep. John Frey and … read more

Letter: Stain on Johnson’s character cannot be forgotten or erased

To the Editor: I read the GOP Viewpoint in this week’s Press regarding Philip Johnson with interest. As an American Jew, I am sensitive to these topics, trying to understand all viewpoints and opinions. I am fully aware of Johnson’s past anti-Semitic activities, as well as his admission later in life of the mistakes he made as a young man. … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Let’s not honor a bigot

Unless town officials step up to leadership responsibilities soon, Ridgefield is in for major public embarrassment. Actually, it would be more than embarrassment. It would reek of cruel insensitivity because our town is on the verge of naming one of its buildings in honor of an ardent supporter of Adolf Hitler and his anti-Semitic bigotry. Hailed as the jewel of … read more