In the village: Zoners ban first-floor apartments

The Planning and Zoning Commission has voted to approve an amendment to the town zoning regulations which will ban apartments and other residential uses from the first floor of buildings in the Central Business District (CBD). The ban, approved Tuesday, Jan. 22, also slams the door shut on apartments in basements in the CBD, which runs from the intersection of … read more

'Pressure on brick and mortar:' Selectmen back first-floor retail, if landlords join in

The selectmen voted to kick in $6,000 of taxpayers’ money — if it is matched with $6,000 from village landlords — to support the “first-floor retail” incentive program put together by the Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC). “I think it’s more palatable if everybody puts a little skin in the game,” Selectwoman Maureen Kozlark said. The economic commission had … read more

Selectmen to look at first-floor retail ‘incentive fund’ Wednesday

A proposal to create a “first floor retail incentive fund” for the village district is expected to be made by the Economic and Community Development Commission at next week’s Board of Selectmen meeting. “The proposal will request funding through tax abatements,” said John Devine of the Economic and Community Development Commission, or ECDC. The tax abatement incentives are designed to … read more

Tax breaks for first-floor retail? Finance board debates, differs

Tax breaks for landlords — is that the way to encourage first-floor retail shops in the village? The Board of Finance has mixed feelings. “I’m in favor of tax abatements,” said board member Marty Heiser. “We want to be a business-friendly town.” “I don’t like my tax dollars subsiding landlords,” Finance Board Chairman Dave Ulmer said. “I don’t like subsidizing … read more

First-floor retail incentives: Commission readies plan

“It’ll drive the economy, it’ll drive the tax base, it’ll drive the rents,” John Devine said of the ‘first-floor retail’ incentive package the Economic and Community Development Commission has put together for the village business district. The incentive package — headlined by three years’ abatement of town taxes — is scheduled to be presented at the Board of Selectmen’s Sept. … read more

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