Ridgefield baseball coaches remain on leave

Ridgefield baseball coach and English teacher Paul Fabbri remains on administrative leave pending an investigation. Fabbri, an English teacher at Ridgefield High School, has not been in class all week and students have been told he will be “out indefinitely,” according to a source. The parent of a baseball player at the school, who asked not to be named, said … read more

Letter: Sweeping field fire under the rug highlights disintegration of values

To the Editor: In two short weeks, we went from prosecuting this heinous crime to sweeping it under the rug. Before the gasoline had even dried, we were told the cost of the cleanup would be $50,000, no town employees were involved, it did not look like student vandalism, and our police department was going to pursue every lead to … read more

Letter: People responsible for field fire should atone for their actions

To the Editor: I read with astonishment the story of the field fire in last week’s Press and all I could say was, “Are you kidding me? How dumb do you think we are?” According to the article, 75-100 people witnessed the incident yet nobody knows who is responsible. How does that happen? Mr. Marconi stated he does not believe … read more

Fabbri and staff back coaching Ridgefield baseball team

As Ridgefield was taking on Trumbull Friday afternoon, Ridgefield coach Paul Fabbri and his coaching staff were being informed they could return. After a fire was set using gasoline as an accelerant in an attempt to dry off the infield at Governor’s Park Field April 6 prior to a game against Amity, Fabbri and two of his assistants, Tom Neville and Len … read more

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