A Question of Etiquette: Political discord!

Help me, Please! Both at work and in social situations there have been contentious conversations centering on politics. I have my own, very strong opinion, but find that expressing it, when asked, unleashes awful replies from those who believe differently than I do. How do I extricate myself without just stomping off so as to avoid what always turns out … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Hands out for a hand-out?

I feel like every time I turn around, somebody is expecting a tip, just for doing his or her job, like putting my take-out food into a bag, or pumping gas into my car. Most recently, I ordered a take-out meal from a place that offers curbside pickup. When the meal was brought to our car, the employee stood there, … read more

A Question of Etiquette: For grandparent gifts, offer help

My mother-in-law did it again – gave my four- and five-year-olds each a card with $20 in it as a Christmas gift. Is there a way to tell her that this means nothing to them and a small present would be so much more meaningful? I’d love for them all to have a more personal relationship and cash, at my … read more

A Question of Etiquette: A fishy question: sushi?

The man I am dating recently “surprised” me by taking me to dinner at a sushi restaurant. I really, really don’t like sushi. He was disappointed when I was not thrilled. Shouldn’t he have asked me first if I ate sushi? Yes, he should have, since sushi restaurants generally have pretty limited menus and if one isn’t a fan, it’s … read more

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