Steckler elected to two-year seat

Note: the print edition of this story incorrectly stated that only Carina Borgia-Drake voted against Jonathan’s Steckler’s appointment to the Board of Education. Board member Sharon D’Orso also voted against Steckler. This story has been updated. The Board of Education voted to elect Jonathan Steckler, executive vice president of The Chefs’ Warehouse, to fill a two-year vacancy on the board … read more

Election 2017: Town unveils final results, outcomes

Democrats 17, Republicans eight — that was tally of board and commission seats gained in this year’s unusually confusing election. “We wanted to be sure we got it right,” Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi said Monday afternoon, explaining why it took almost a week for final results of all the election contests to be announced. Serfilippi, Republican Registrar of Voters Hope … read more

Blue sweep: Unofficial numbers show Democrats dominate Election 2017 in Ridgefield

Ridgefield might not be that Republican of a town after all. For the third year in a row, local voters have turned out to support the Democratic ticket on Election Day. Unofficial voter tallies from the town’s three polls show that the Democratic Town Committee has plenty of reasons to celebrate Tuesday night. The DTC had only one candidate lose in six municipal races — … read more

Election Day 2017: Voters will help fill seats on six boards

Voters will troop to the polls to decide who among some 34 candidates for six town boards and commissions will be smiling election victors next week. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, with voting from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ridgefielders will vote at three polling places: District One, the south, at East Ridge Middle School. District Two, the north, … read more

Democratic View: Vote Democratic

We recommend the entire Democratic slate in Ridgefield’s municipal election on Nov. 8, not just because the candidates are Democrats, but because they have the skills, experience, judgment, and temperament to serve in the offices they’re running for.   For the Board of Finance …   Sean Connelly is an incumbent member of the board. He’s a director at Willis … read more

GOP Viewpoint: Vote Republican

Think back! Connecticut was once considered one of the best states to live, work and raise a family. The quality of life was top notch, nationally rated public education systems, reasonable taxes and cost of living. People flocked here, bought homes and intended to live and retire here.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After 30 years of Democrat controlled … read more

Election 2017: School candidates talk priorities, finances, backgrounds

Priorities, school financing and taxes, personal qualifications — questions on these matters were posed by The Ridgefield Press to candidates in contested races for the Board of Education. Seven school board candidates are competing for four four-year seats on the Board of Education. There are also two candidates on the ballot who are running unopposed for two-year school board terms. … read more

Election 2017: Board of Assessment Appeals candidates answer The Press' questions

For Board of Assessment Appeals — which does just what it’s name suggests, hearing property owners complaints that the tax assessor has mis-judged the value of their property — voters are asked to fill two of the board’s three seats. The candidates are Democrat Anne Cutter, incumbent Democrat Jeff Lundberg and incumbent Republican Robert Jewell. The Press asked on question. … read more

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