Editorial: Remember, and raise voices

Memorial Day’s exuberant parade and solemn ceremonies come this year at a troubling time. Some of America’s leaders are again saber rattling, talking up a possible war with Iran, pushing a rival nation in ways that could easily lead to an all too familiar series of miscalculations and counter-miscalculations — sanctions, economic pressure, threats and counter-threats, deployments and counter-deployments. One … read more

Editorial: Coffee talk

Communication works best as a two-way street. Last week, The Ridgefield Press hosted a coffee and community conversation event at the Lounsbury House, with around 20 people in attendance. Those who showed gave some excellent feedback about this newspaper and what they’d like to see from it in the future. Some of the changes you’ll see already taking place this … read more

Editorial: Taking on green energy rules

Green energy, leafy town, let’s make it work.  Green energy regulations should start with society’s need — no, the world’s need — for less voracious fossil fuel burning and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and then balance those larger goals with a residential community’s desire to maintain neighborhood aesthetics.  It’s a tough task. And there’s no boxed set of prewritten regulations … read more

Editorial: Paying it forward

From the Boys and Girls Club’s scholarship program to the historical society’s archives, to the Norwalk River Valley Trail’s “Ridgefield Ramble” — nobody had a busier week than the volunteers at the Ridgefield Thrift Shop, who have been disbursing $500,000 in grants to 71 local organizations since March 12. Beyond the trails, the club, and the historical archives, the Thrift … read more

Editorial: For kids in trouble

Drinking, drugs, driving like lunatics, stealing road signs, trespassing and vandalizing — kids, even basically good kids, will often do some amazingly dumb things in their teenage years. Sometimes, these are not just unfortunate ideas pursued with the enthusiasm of youth, but things that are truly dangerous and, often, clearly illegal — things that get them in trouble with the … read more

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