Wi-Fi in the village? Economic commission debates public Internet access

Free public Wi-Fi — wireless Internet access for cell phones and other mobile devices — in downtown Ridgefield received tentative support from the Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC) Monday night. “You have one hub — which would be in town hall — and then you have a series of booster-receivers that go around, so we could do all of … read more

Letter: Myths of a ‘bustling’ downtown

To the Editor: Things are repeated so often, we all begin to accept them as gospel truths. “We are an arts destination. They are flocking to our beautiful downtown. The economic development is everywhere.” Let’s look at that one. We opened the Playhouse. Restaurants opened. Restaurants closed. We opened The Prospector. Restaurants opened. Restaurants closed. We opened ACT. We now … read more

Village parking: What will become of the rules?

The Parking Authority is scaling back permits for all day parking, often used by downtown workers, to create more space for short-term parkers — who may be shoppers. —Jake Kara photo

Village parking used to be highly regulated — rules, numbers, specifics. Should the town go back to that? The Parking Authority is wondering. Parking in the village has been more loosely governed since 2010, when a new philosophy was introduced by the Planning and Zoning Commission. With over 1,000 parking spaces, and hodge-podge of stores and shops and other destinations … read more

Letter: A downtown building that deserves to last

To the Editor: An article in today’s News Times headed “Preserving Brookfield’s Past” reminds me we have an historic building in downtown Ridgefield that is rapidly deteriorating. It’s at 34 Bailey Avenue, just across Prospect Street from Ridgefield Supply. Thank you, Ridgefield Supply for the wonderful renovation of the old railroad station. Back in the early 1900s, there was a … read more

Editorial: Holiday magic

The festive spirit, the sound of carolers, the sight of ice sculptures and strolling toy soldiers — they’re all part of the magic that makes up Ridgefield’s Holiday Stroll. Downtown Ridgefield’s annual winter tradition celebrates its 19th anniversary Friday night when festivities kick off at 6. There will be plenty of opportunities for residents to shop and dine in the … read more

New Chamber director looks forward to ‘matchmaker’ role

Kim Bova is a business owner’s dream advocate. A cellist with a passion for theater and for writing, she can be a creative person’s best friend. If that weren’t enough, this midwesterner-turned-Connecticutian is also an avid hiker — someone who loves to explore the outdoors with her greyhounds. “I’m comfortable wearing all the hats, it comes natural to me,” she … read more

Village to host Halloween Walk Oct. 27

With candy already on store shelves around town, young trick-and-treaters are getting ready for the annual Halloween Walk on Main Street. This year’s celebration, which is sponsored by Downtown Ridgefield and encourages store owners to dress in costume, will be held from 10 to noon Saturday, Oct. 27. The Halloween Walk is made possible by the downtown merchants organization and … read more

Fall In Love With Ridgefield: Pumpkins painting, popcorn tasting to spark village

Hayrides, scarecrows, and scavenger hunts — it’s time to Fall In Love With Ridgefield once again. The annual fall festival presented by the Downtown Ridgefield kicks off Friday, Oct. 19, in the afternoon with the Keeler Tavern’s scarecrow contest and runs through Saturday, Oct. 20, with with popcorn tasting around the village. The popcorn contest harmonizes this year’s festival with … read more

Filling empty office spaces: Price, services, and local CEOs

Fish thine own waters, for there may ye find the seas of plenty. With 90,000 square feet of empty office space to fill, Ridgefield’s real estate community might want to look for “C-suite executives” — ‘C’ as in chief executive officer, chief financial officer — who live in town, Bob Cascella told the Economic and Community Development Commission. Or, maybe … read more

Pictorial visitors map will promote the town

“It’s sort of a whimsical, not-to-scale map,” said Ellen Burns. Books on the Common gave her a perspective, and a map depicting a corner store view of Ridgefield that will be available to the rest of town — and folks from farther off. “At the bookstore, being so centrally located, and open seven days a week, we get an enormous … read more

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