Letter: Trump’s asylum

To the Editor: It’s March Madness Week in the USA, and I don’t mean college basketball. Our American Fuhrer Donald Trump is at it again, with his usual stupid quotes, attacks on our honored heros, dead and alive, insane authoritarian inflammatory rhetoric, continued support for totalitarian dictators whom he “loves” and his usual cry-baby self when he doesn’t get what … read more

Democratic View: What’s he hiding?

On Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, mere hours after longtime Trump adviser and confidante Roger Stone was arrested and indicted on multiple federal charges, the Republican National Committee (RNC), convening for its annual winter meetings in New Mexico, unanimously pledged the party’s “undivided support” to Trump as the party’s presidential candidate in 2020. The vote was a preemptive strike to block … read more

Letter: Local Democrats have used Trump-like tactics in campaign against Frey

To the Editor: As a lifelong Democrat, I’m saddened by the aggressive campaign among some fellow Democrats to frame John Frey as a corrupt Trump-supporting extremist. They employ tactics pulled straight from Trump’s own playbook, such as using old photographs of John before his radical weight-loss, abusing physical appearance as a political tool. I hate to see my party dragged … read more

Sen. Murphy to visit Ridgefield Supply Tuesday

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

Sen. Chris Murphy will meet with employees at Ridgefield Supply Company Tuesday, Sept. 11, to discuss how a recent trade dispute between the Trump administration and Canada is affecting their business. “If unresolved, the resulting tariff on lumber is expected to increase costs of homes in Connecticut by $8,000,” a press release said. Sen. Murphy is expected to be at Ridgefield Supply Company, … read more

Pen and Ink: High school freshman to launch online magazine

For weeks, Ridgefield resident Mia Scarpati couldn’t bring herself to read the transcript of Donald Trump’s now-infamous Hollywood Access tape. Even watching a Saturday Night Live sketch after she finally worked up the stomach to read his comments — a series of lewd, sexually aggressive statements about women which Trump chalked up to being just “locker room talk” — proved … read more

Women’s March group plans buses to New York protest

Want to go to a “resistance” march in New York City on Saturday? Buses to the protest are being organized by the Women’s March – Ridgefield Chapter. The Ridgefield-based Facebook group, which began as people organized to go to last year’s protests in Washington on President Trump’s inauguration weekend, has filled one bus and is working on filling a second … read more

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