Letter: Local Democrats have used Trump-like tactics in campaign against Frey

To the Editor: As a lifelong Democrat, I’m saddened by the aggressive campaign among some fellow Democrats to frame John Frey as a corrupt Trump-supporting extremist. They employ tactics pulled straight from Trump’s own playbook, such as using old photographs of John before his radical weight-loss, abusing physical appearance as a political tool. I hate to see my party dragged … read more

Sen. Murphy to visit Ridgefield Supply Tuesday

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy

Sen. Chris Murphy will meet with employees at Ridgefield Supply Company Tuesday, Sept. 11, to discuss how a recent trade dispute between the Trump administration and Canada is affecting their business. “If unresolved, the resulting tariff on lumber is expected to increase costs of homes in Connecticut by $8,000,” a press release said. Sen. Murphy is expected to be at Ridgefield Supply Company, … read more

Pen and Ink: High school freshman to launch online magazine

For weeks, Ridgefield resident Mia Scarpati couldn’t bring herself to read the transcript of Donald Trump’s now-infamous Hollywood Access tape. Even watching a Saturday Night Live sketch after she finally worked up the stomach to read his comments — a series of lewd, sexually aggressive statements about women which Trump chalked up to being just “locker room talk” — proved … read more

Women’s March group plans buses to New York protest

Want to go to a “resistance” march in New York City on Saturday? Buses to the protest are being organized by the Women’s March – Ridgefield Chapter. The Ridgefield-based Facebook group, which began as people organized to go to last year’s protests in Washington on President Trump’s inauguration weekend, has filled one bus and is working on filling a second … read more

Letter: Wolff’s book confirms early criticism of Trump, Bannon

To the Editor: Last July I wrote a letter to The Press criticizing Trump, Jeff Sessions and, most especially, Steve Bannon. Linda Lavelle responded indignantly saying I smeared them and I responded that I don’t smear but I warned her that Bannon was evil and I explained why with information then available from Breitbart News.   By now that judgment … read more

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